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10 Reasons You Need to Try Facial Beauty Rollers

Did you know that beauty rollers can reduce wrinkles and fine lines? These are the true reasons you need facial beauty rollers in your skincare collection ASAP.

By Jacqueline HanikehPublished 6 years ago 10 min read
Top Story - April 2018

As we get older, our skin slowly starts to lose its youthful glow. We deal with teenage acne, gain crow's feet from constantly straining our eyes, and overall see fine lines and wrinkles around our mouth and forehead as our age goes up. Our bodies change, too, like getting stretch marks from pregnancy or rapidly gaining or losing weight. We dwell on the fact that our youthful-looking skin will soon be substituted with wrinkled, scarred skin and we assume that nothing will bring us back to the days when our skin was spotless and plump.

That's what was constantly going through my mind—no solution to my scarred, imperfect skin. No matter how many skincare products I've tried, the amount of money I've spent, and the time I've wasted trying out those products, I just jumped to the conclusion that there's no solution unless I spent thousands on cosmetic surgery. I definitely didn't want to have to take that road.

In the midst of searching for other possible ways to help my skin, I came across the most amazing beauty tool ever. A beauty product that completely changed my skin's texture, tone, and my life as a whole! Have you ever heard of facial beauty rollers? They're literally the future of skincare and these wonderful rollers can also help you solve almost any skin issue you're dealing with! From acne scars to mild rosacea, wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, and more, you won't need to buy multiple products for the multiple skin issues that you have.

There's a variety of beauty rollers you can pick from depending on your concerns, such as microneedle and jade rollers. This is definitely a beauty trick every girl should know. A beauty roller helped me with my acne-scarred skin, and it can certainly help yours, too! It's an easy and fast way to get beautiful and clear skin. If you're wondering just why beauty rollers are hyped up and are considered "miracle workers," these are the true reasons to invest in facial beauty rollers that can help your own skin issues.

Many of the facial beauty rollers are designed to stimulate blood circulation in the face. You're basically massaging the roller on your face and this allows blood to flow and even enhance elasticity—plumping your skin! What stimulating blood flow does is help contour your face muscles and soothe your skin if it's feeling tense.

The type of beauty roller that's known to be amazing at triggering blood circulation is a jade roller. Jade rollers feel great against the skin when you're using them. Smooth and effective, massaging the roller over your cheeks, around your nose, across your forehead, and under your chin can work wonders for your skin and allows the blood to plump and firm your face!

The best type of jade roller out there on the market is the one by Shiffa. This top-quality roller is specifically designed to stimulate blood circulation which helps with plumping your skin. Rolling this product over your cheeks, forehead, around the nose, and even around the eyes can really soothe the nervous system improving elasticity. Plus, the jade stone is known as a healing stone and it’s a true symbol of purifying and tranquility, which benefits your skin!

Beauty rollers help with scars.

Believe it or not, the scars on your face from your childhood can be helped with facial beauty rollers! Many of us have scars on our faces from any form of accidents and we hate the sight of them. Some of our scars are pretty deep and we assume that only laser surgery can reduce the sight of them. Well, not anymore, because beauty rollers can be your best skincare tool to help with scars!

Many of the beauty rollers out there feature tiny needles and bumps and this stimulates collagen and elastin. When you're triggering the two, this allows your skin to repair itself from the unevenness that's on your face. Scars are seen as irregularities because they disrupt your skin's smooth texture. So, when using a beauty roller, this raises scars and attempts to reduce your scars' appearance.

They heal sun damage.

I'm sure many of us can't help but sit out in the sun and tan all day during the summers. Even though some of our skin gets that golden tan, we're also developing sun damage to occur on our faces. Sun damage usually looks like a ton of diverse-sized spots on our faces. They kind of look like freckles, but not as attractive looking (from my opinion). I know a lot of people hate that they have sun spots on their faces because their skin doesn't look clear.

That's why one of the great reasons to get facial beauty rollers is because they heal sun damage! Sure, exfoliating can help, but it doesn't help for internally healing. Beauty rollers stimulate collagen, which is the skin’s ideal internal healer, and this works well when rejuvenating and repairing sun-damaged skin. This can also speed up the recovery process of using any topical treatment products that you’re currently using!

Our skin tone can look great one day, but the next we'll have blotchy redness around our noses, on our cheeks, forehead, and anywhere else for literally no reason. We can perfect our morning and nighttime skincare routine and there will still be drastic redness occurring in certain parts of our faces. I don't know about you...but I absolutely hate it. Especially when I decide to wear no makeup one day and my face is looking like it doesn't know which skin tone to settle with—fuckin' worst.

However, unbalanced skin tones have no match when it comes to facial beauty rollers. Like I've mentioned before, beauty rollers are designed to increase blood flow when we massage them across our faces. While we're massaging our faces with rollers, this certainly improves the appearance of our skin tone. When our skin tones are properly evened out, we gain a more youthful-looking complexion!

This is why Nurse Jamie's UpLift Facial Massaging Beauty is a favorite to so many skincare lovers. Its unique hexagon shape with 24 massaging stones can thoroughly massage anywhere on your face and balance out your skin's complexion in an instant. You can use this product once a day or as needed to see faster results.

If you're dealing with hair loss, they can help with that, too.

Oh, yes, facial beauty rollers don't only help with the skin on your face and body, but your scalp, as well! Hair loss is a pretty common issue that many people face sometime during their life. Hair loss can occur for multiple reasons such as stress, genetics, medical conditions, and others. At this point, so many people turn to hair implants to gain the hair back into those gaps. But you don't need to drop so much money on hair implants when beauty rollers are just as effective.

If you're struggling with hair loss in certain areas on your scalp, a microneedle beauty roller can stimulate blood flow and even create more of the hormones. These hormones are designed to promote hair growth as well as increase follicle and hair size. Massaging a beauty roller over areas where you tend to have less hair can help increase the growth. Plus, if you’re using a topical product, a beauty roller can boost its absorption and quicken the process!

Beauty rollers improve the appearance of rosacea.

Rosacea is a familiar skin condition that people deal with. Rosacea is a skin problem in which there's a lot of redness occurring on the cheeks with the additional tiny pimples and bumps and broken blood vessels. There are certain foods and skincare products that can actually worsen the effect. However, beauty rollers can improve the appearance of rosacea.

Microneedle beauty rollers shouldn’t be used to treat nodular and pustular rosacea, because the tiny needles can worsen the condition. Rather if you have a more mild case of rosacea, this skincare tool can help improve its appearance. It can calm the redness down by thickening the epidermis and stimulating collagen growth.

We get wrinkles as we get older, and it's something that we can't run away from. Unless you get monthly cosmetic injections, then that's a different story. We'll get wrinkles and fine lines around our mouths, eyes, and even forehead. Even though there are wrinkle creams that can possibly help reduce their appearance and firm our skin, they're not the best solution when we're dealing with major fine lines. I know many of us really don't want to spend the money on injections. That's where facial beauty rollers come into play.

Possibly the main reason why so many people rely on beauty rollers—they reduce fine lines and wrinkles! You won't believe the magic that beauty rollers can do for your wrinkles. All types of beauty rollers are specifically designed to help with anti-aging. When using a roller over your wrinkles, it naturally fills in wrinkles while new collagen and elastin are producing in those precise areas. However, if you have much deeper wrinkles, more treatment is required.

The ideal beauty roller that's widely popular, and my personal favorite, is ORA's Microneedle Body Roller System. This type of roller can truly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on any part of your face by rolling the 0.5-millimeter stainless steel needles over your skin. Microneedling is one of the great ways to improve aging skin that's science-backed. Your fine lines and wrinkles will certainly be smoothed out after gliding this beauty roller over your face! Seeing results can take some time like between three to 12 treatments.

They repair hyperpigmentation and acne scars.

Many people deal with hyperpigmentation in any area of their face. This can be the result of sun damage, acne, or any form of skin injuries. Also, they're very, very stubborn. It's very difficult to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, depending on the severity. This also goes for acne scars. If you've had terrible hormonal acne during your earlier years and left with slight scarring on your face, these types of scars can take literally years by the time they fade naturally even the slightest. While laser is an expensive method in clearing your face up, others turn to facial beauty rollers to balance out their skin's tone and texture.

However, if you do have really deep scars, beauty rollers wouldn't be able to help you out because they require more treatment. If you have any forms of hyperpigmentation and acne scars that are close to your skin's texture, then a roller can help with reducing the appearance. Beauty rolling repairs hyperpigmentation and acne scars by prickling your face when microneedling and stimulating collagen and elastin. This will repair the skin from underneath and allow the marks to finally fade.

Beauty rollers reduce stretch marks.

If you've gone through a pregnancy or gained or lost a lot of weight, there are high chances of you getting stretch marks. They can form nearly anywhere on your body such as your stomach and your thighs...and they're almost impossible to completely get rid of. It can take a lot of treatments to fully clear them up depending on how deep and large the stretch marks are. But I know most of us are looking for something that will at least reduce the appearance.

That's what beauty rollers can also help us out with! Stretch marks are the absolute worst and we're desperate to lessen their presence. Since beauty rollers can help with scars, they can also help our stretch marks, too. However, you can't expect really dramatic results. When you’re using a microneedle roller, this stimulates the collagen under the skin and reduces the prominence of stretch marks. Since stretch marks are so distinct, it can take a couple of treatments to really see visible results.

Lastly from the real reasons why you should definitely get your hands on facial beauty rollers is because they can prevent sagging. One of the main reasons why sagging occurs is because of wrinkles. The wrinkles stretch out our faces and leave sagging to form around our chin and jaw area as well as any area on our faces. There are pricey alternatives to help prevent the sagging.

The greater and cheaper way to help with anti-aging is with beauty rollers. They massage into your face, which relaxes the muscles to calm them down, giving off blood circulation, and stopping skin from sagging. An amazing beauty roller that does just that is the Liftra Contour Shaper by Dr. Jart+.

This set is specifically known to contour the skin and prevent any form of sagging. It comes with beneficial products like the Contour Fixer, the Contour Cream, and the Contour Shaper. The Contour Cream fills and firms the appearance of the skin, the Contour Shaper intensifies the lifting effect when massaging the 10 germanium balls on your face, and the Contour Fixer is the facial setting mist that helps visibly lift the face with the thin film that forms over the skin! You can use the Contour Shaper to massage your face and neck to lift and sculpt your face, reducing wrinkles and sagging.


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