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Why is the World Sleeping on Goody Grace?

21-year-old Canadian-born singer-songwriter, Goody Grace, should be one of the biggest acts right now. Why is he not? We need answers.

By Virtuosity's NewVMusic Published 6 years ago 4 min read

The young Canadian Crooner out of Selkirk, Manitoba, Goody Grace, released his first EP entitledInfinite (Atlantic/ Bananabeat) this Spring. His career began on Soundcloud with self-release of covers from The Weeknd to Elvis Presley, and working with Gnash. His career officially began with the release of Memories, which he remade with The Neighbourhood's Jesse Rutherford and A$AP Ant.

The young musician brought a new sound to the scene with influences from Bob Dylan to Wiz Khalifa. His genre hybrid sound combines hip hop with punk, pop and instrumental backing with synth.

He has amassed an impressive fan base, although in our humble opinions, not large enough. "Girls in The Suburbs Singing Smith Songs," "Vanilla Coke," "So What Does This All Mean?" and his remake of Presley’s "Can’t Help Falling in Love" were enough to make you fall in love with this one. Grace could easily be the nicest guy in the music industry, and frequently interacts with his fans, saying thank you and showing love and gratitude. You just want to see him do well.

Infinite has 8 amazing and diverse tracks. ALL OF THEM ARE AMAZING. Track one, "Two Shots (ft. Gnash)" is one of two we had heard before the release, but worth wearing out again. Very ‘vocal hip hop’ with Goody on some simple guitar riffs. Track two, "Pretend," was my favorite of his before this release, but I must admit this changed hearing the full album. I hate to admit this but my ear is trained to listen to about 30 seconds of a track then tune out from being an agent and producing a music vlog and being made to listen to thousands of tracks.

I couldn’t turn these off and move on. I listened to this entire album through about three times, and immediately added them to our regular playlist.

His range, going from almost pop-country in "Cabin," to folk in "201 Lilac Sky" (tied for my new favorite) and back to hip hop ballad with "In the Light of the Moon (ft. Lil Aaron)" holds your attention. The track "WYWH" is my other favorite with a sound highlighting his talent as both a songwriter and performer. It truly is an absolutely beautiful piece of art.

"Man in Black," an obvious homage to Johnny Cash makes me respect this young artist even more. He sets himself apart from your typical entertainer of this generation who mistakenly claims “Tupac Sucks” or couldn’t name one song by anyone born prior to 1990.

The final song is "Never & Always" and proves he released an album without a bad track. Not one. Vocals over a beat with a simplicity that works better than overproduced things we are inundated with on a regular basis. No need for fillers and excessive noise. Just a great track. Grace is the Jim Morrison of the time, with a knack for creating phenomenal music.

He released 19/6 on June 16. 2018 for his birthday. A two track bonus, followed by an official video for the track "Judas," the more hip hop of the two, with guitar reminiscent of a Buckley opening for "Hallelujah," if you can imagine it. "Worlds Away" brings a ballad into the duo reaffirming Grace's ability to be the artist to appeal to the masses.

Grace is the latest addition to the group of talented musician breaking out into the scene. Like Post Malone, who everyone wants to not like, but once they hear him they have no choice. These artists have actual talent. They play instruments, they have beautiful singing voices, and they are managing to ease this into hip hop, the top selling genre as of now. Blackbear, Malone, Russ, Jesse Rutherford, Khalid and Donald Glover, among others who have managed to do the same. They appeal to broader audiences, and Grace is in this category, yet he isn’t seeing the attention.

The world is sleeping on Goody Grace. He is not a household name. He isn’t blaring on local stations to the point of forcing us to hate the sound of him. He isn’t coming to my city on a tour. Somebody isn’t doing their job at the record label, and the world is being robbed of a great album. They have an artist who will work with and appeal to everyone from 16 to 50, yet here we are not seeing someone get his music into more ears.

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