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When They Try You...

by Kid Astronaut about a year ago in industry
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I feel you Dave Chappelle

Photo by Soulful Pizza from Pexels

Do you ever have someone that just simply won't stop pushing your buttons? You tried being the bigger person, you sent them a kind message expressing your thoughts, you meditated, exercised? Still can't seem to get through to them?

Some people are simply the worst.

I've had a few people in my life who almost pushed me out of character.

When someone has me fucked up for lack of a better term. It sucks... I normally hold a calm demeanor, I really don't have beef with anyone and if I's most likely because well to be honest - they wronged me in some way.

Take for example my current situation...

I had a music collaborator that I would work with on records in the past. He's always been a really difficult person but, at the time I figured for whatever reason I would give it my best.

That was mistake #1.

When people show you who they are...believe them.

We tried it out for almost a year. And to be honest not everything was negative. We got a lot done, made some really awesome records but ultimately after a year of various public disputes, blatant disrespect, and unprofessionalism - I finally called enough, enough and we parted ways.

We hadn't talked in over a year and I thought we were done. Recently however, I got a business email asking me to license some of the music we made to a possible film/tv opportunity.

Knowing I wouldn't have to work with this artist again and it was old songs we'd already written being leased out I signed the paperwork thinking that was it.

Of course, I was wrong...

Signing the contract of course opened the door to seeing the work he'd been putting in through the last year in our parting.

Turns out, he had made a music video in that time where he was singing MY lyrics, with MY vocals, LITERALLY MY VOICE and he had shared a snippet on his page with NO CREDIT GIVEN TO ME AT. ALL.

Not just on an artistic level but a personal'd be upset right? I'm not overreacting?

My team and I reached out to his legal team to get it sorted where we asked for my rightful credits and to be listed under my artist name since that's how I do my public work.

Instead of doing that...he listed the work under my legal name which...I didn't want him to do...

Again, some people are simply the worst.

We live in a world where we'll meet all kinds of people.

Situations like this have taught me a lot though, the kind of person I want and aim to be, the kind of people I don't want to be around, and most importantly the kind of people I do really love and am grateful to be working with.

I saw a quote today that said "Making music isn't the goal of being a musician. It's who you become through that process".

I recently had a conversation with someone about being able to remain loving with others but sometimes needing to love them from a distance. When you set firm boundaries on the energies you interact with you come in contact with people who don't waste your time and effort.

Obviously my talent is an asset to the work he's doing (or else he wouldn't be using it) but in the wake of the Dave Chappelle incident and people, especially within the music business stealing or being greedy with other's works of art etc. It's even more important artists are choosing collaborators they align with and also in certain cases signing contracts that work for them. (Luckily we did have a contract in place in this situation that he breached, and again we spoke to his legal team) but also, on a personal level that just very uncool.

Artists, respect yourself, respect others and most importantly...

Don't be a dick and always give credit where credit is due.


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Kid Astronaut

I'm Kid Astronaut, a time + dimension traveling artist from the future that crash-landed in this dimension.

I make music + art.

Follow me on IG/Twitter @kidastronavt

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