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What actually inspires Taylor Swift to make music?

Taylor Swift makes great music. But inspires her to make the kind of music she makes?

By Siddharth ThapaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Whether people like it or not, Taylor Swift is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the music industry right now. I, personally, am more of a Kanye West fan than a Taylor Swift fan. But I cannot deny that Taylor Swift is rocking the charts and inspiring millions, if not billions of people across the globe with her music. Each of the Taylor Swift songs have always been a success even though they dealt with the theme of heartbreak. And there were always rumours that these songs were directed at men who had passed through her life and had left a void in her heart.

Thus, after so much insistence from her fans, Taylor Swift decided to confess that her inspiration for composing the songs came from those men with whom she had been in love, or who had meant something special in her life. Among them, one of the most notable that she did not avoid being the protagonist of one or another song is Harry Style.

The question now is that since her secret when it comes to composing was revealed, there is no man who comes close to the young woman. Maybe it's because they're afraid that if things don't go well, they'll end up appearing among the lyrics of her songs and be the next target to take down vocally, which is genuinely a formidable concern. Who wants to be in a Taylor Swift heartbreak song, right?

Or it could also be at least something similar has to be, since, apart from the fact that she did not see anyone for a while before she started dating Travis Kelce. The country singer's representatives have often asked her to try to be single for a while, because it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to deal with the break-up fiascos.

The fact is that writing about the experiences of her failed relationships has led Taylor to be one of the most in-demand singers in the world of music and to be able to make a living from it as she had always wanted. And killing it in the field as a part of the process.

Throughout, she is aware of the almost conspiratorial level of debate her relationships have inspired on the Internet. On November 21, 2021, she caused a special frenzy among her devoted fans (Swifties). A few weeks earlier, she had announced the release of her re-recorded single 'All Too Well' from Red (Taylor's Version) . The original version of the song, which appeared on Swift's 2012 album Red, had already achieved near-mythical status among fans and was considered by many to be one of her best works. But when the new 10-minute version came out, fans discovered that Swift had added new lyrics and new meaning to something most thought they knew well: her much-publicized relationship with Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal. So it's safe to say that her past failed relationships and the men she has dated have a big role in the kind of music she makes. Almost as if it inspires her to make great music about it, no matter how tormenting the break up was.

What I've learnt from her (P.S: Not a Swiftie):

Speaking on a personal level, I’ve also learnt from Taylor to not take life seriously. You had a heart break? Well, pick up a guitar and make a song about it. You might end up becoming a millionaire. Doesn’t sound that bad right? I also often remind myself to laugh a little at myself, as one of the world's greatest entertainers does by caricaturing herself chasing men or dedicating an entire music video to her inability to dance. I learned from Swift to not take life too seriously and to be the first to laugh at my mistakes.

It can be dangerous to worship celebrities as infallible and limited to the dimension we see in the public sphere. But I think we can learn from her without portraying her as perfect, which is commendable, I must say. Well, great work Taylor, keep rocking!

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