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Tunes to Get Grooving To: A 2021 Special

by Leigh Hooper 4 months ago in playlist

The latest, and last, edition just for fun!

Tunes to Get Grooving To: A 2021 Special
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Hi all!

I am back with a 2021 special of Tunes to Get Grooving To, the blog series that we all know and love, and the very same series that changed my life!

Running from October 2019 till May 2020, the original Tunes to Get Grooving To had 26 parts and often featured in Vocal's "Top 5" and even featured in Vocal's very own "What Our Creators Have Taught Us" in 2019!

For half a year I shared five songs every week for you guys and I loved it! After sharing my work with the world, TTGGT ended up landing me not one but THREE radio interviews as a "music blogger" in the last two years.

I'm beyond grateful and I thought: why not show my gratitude by sharing some new tunes for you guys to get grooving to?

So, I've decided to come back one year later for one last time with five new songs that I have been loving this year! Let's get straight to it!

1. "Happy" by Ziggy 2000

Believe me when I say I am so unbelievably excited to introduce you to Ziggy 2000. Her debut EP "Obvious" came out on May 20th yet I have been waiting to hear her music ever since I found out she wanted to start recording stuff back in November of 2020.

This Bristol-based uni student has such an amazing and angelic voice with such amazing girl-rock vibes and she is so unbelievably talented with her lyric writing and guitar skills. She started writing songs during the COVID-19 lockdown and started getting into writing songs, and I'm so glad she did. "Happy" is one of my favourite songs from her EP, but all six songs are definitely work checking out!

Head over to @z1ggy2000 on Instagram to keep up to date with this up and coming singer!

FUN FACT: Ziggy 2000 obviously isn't her real name, but the inspiration came from her love of everything 2000's and everything that reminds her of being a kid so...Ziggy 2000 is her artist name but also her old Club Penguin username!

2. "Give Me Just A Little More Time" by Chairman Of The Board

Okay, I know that this song came out in the 70's and I said this was the 2021 edition but I mean songs I'm listening to in 2021, not the songs on the radio in 2021 SO hear me out...

My parents were re-watching Prison Break recently and this song appeared when T-Bag kidnaps his old girlfriend and family and they're in the car pretending to be one big happy family. I don't know why but I just found it so funny but after listening to this song fully I discovered something brilliant. This song gives me so much serotonin! It is a mood-booster and a song that I listen to while cooking, while writing or just to jam out.

If you need a pick-me-up (and a throwback to the 70's!), this song is it!

3. "Midsummer" by Russell Stewart

This song is the definition of summer, hence the title. It's everything good about pop music and also highly addictive to listen to. Blast this song through your car speakers while the sun is high and you're having fun, you won't regret it.

"Midsummer" is one of Stewart's only songs, with his second song "Citrus" being released last year. But don't worry, if you've listened to this song and become a fan you'll be happy to know that he's got music on the way so your summer of 2021 can be filled with the upbeat and dynamic sounds of Stewart's music.

4. "One More Hour" By Anthony Ramos

This was the first song I added to my Spotify "Liked Songs" in 2021. After discovering Ramos in the musical Hamilton, I fell in love with him and his voice. I inhaled all of his music and I've shared his tunes more than once on previous Tunes to Get Grooving To and on my other series The New Groove. What can I say? I share what I love so you guys can love it to!

"One More Hour" is a damn bop. I don't care what mood I'm in, this will always make me dance. It's a song you can listen to whenever, wherever. Ramos never makes a bad song so go check out the rest of his work too!

5. "On My Way" by Alex Lahey

If any of you read "Movie Review: The Mitchells vs. The Machines" and seen the movie yourself, you'll know why this is currently one of my favourite songs!

That movie now has a special place in my heart and, in turn, so does the soundtrack. "On My Way" is so upbeat and I'm glad it means that I've discovered Alex Lahey. All her music has a pop-punk vibe about it that I love and please, please, PLEASE watch the music video if you were a fan of the movie. I smiled through all 3:11 minutes of it.

So there you have it! 5 songs that currently sum up my 2021! It has been a pleasure to bring back TTGGT, and here's the entire playlist, including these five songs, from the entire series! Thank you for all the support with this series, and who knows, maybe I'll become a yearly thing where I add new music! Until then, enjoy!


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Thanks for reading, see you soon!


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