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TRVE releases music video to his debut single Can't Go A Day

In an interview with TRVE by Medium publisher says that He’s one of the Hottest Music Artist on The Radar. We have a chance to talk with the next generation artist TRVE to find out more about Him, how he started, his challenges and many other issue.

What’s your Full Name?

TRVE: Trevor Nelson but known as TRVE (Trev).

Tell us who you are, where you’re from and what you do for a living?

TRVE: I am an artist born and raised in Atlanta, GA. I’m currently in college and doing music full time.

How come about the stage name?

TRVE: My friends and family always called me Trev. Unfortunately, that username was taken but I was able to get TRVE. I liked it because it sticks out more.

Tell us your story from before the music, when did it all start?

TRVE: Music has always been very important to me ever since I was a child. When I was 5 years of age, I started taking piano lessons and learning from my dad as well. Although I started at a young age, I struggled to read sheet music. To this day, I play everything by ear!

What were the struggles you faced trying to get your music out there in the beginning?

TRVE: Once I hit my high school years, I got more into music than I ever was before. I used it as a way to relieve stress and express my emotions. A lot of people hated on me and my music. I worked countless hours and proved them all wrong. I was able to succeed.

Which song was that one?

TRVE: I recently signed a distribution deal with Sony Orchard and released my debut single Can’t Go A Day on all platforms. I also released the music video on VEVO, YouTube, Apple Music, MTV, and all other major platforms.

When it blew up what was the first thing you thought?

TRVE: I love to collaborate with new artists. My style is very versatile. I enjoy experimenting with new sounds among new artists creating new waves just like myself.

Do you collaborate with artists that you listen to?

TRVE: Yes!

How many artists have you collaborated with so far?

TRVE: I have several collabs that I am working on. I have collaborated with Lil Zane, Reggie Mills, Payton Tyler, JOEL, Unknxwn, and more!

How big is your team?

TRVE: My team is amazing. Over at UED Studios, I have a celebrity choreographer. Her name is RhaRha and she is awesome. She has helped me become a better artist on stage and improved my choreography better than I could have ever imagined. I also have a celebrity vocal coach named Regina Love. Since training with her, my vocals are on a whole never level! I also have a number of producers at UED including SKYYBEATZ, JoeyTheSequel, and DavionForever. They are an amazing team and I am very grateful for everything they have done to make me a better artist.

What is the best part of doing what you’re doing and what’s the part you hate most?

TRVE: Making music and being able to emotionally connect and relate to people is probably my favorite part about music.

Are you addicted to something? And what would that be?

TRVE: I’m addicted to recording and making new music 24/7. I have a full studio in my home and I also engineer myself as well on ProTools.

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