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Top 3 Tracks For Instant Happiness

…because, why not?

By Frankie MartinelliPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Top 3 Tracks For Instant Happiness
Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

Given the unexpected success of my last Top 3: Top 3 One Hit Wonders (That I Secretly Wish I Wrote). I've decided to hit you all again with another!

Thanks to COVID everyone is a little starved of happiness lately, hopefully I can help change that with: Top 3 Tracks For Instant Happiness, and turn you on to some great Music in the process, some new grooves to boost your mood if you will!

Let's jump right in!

Crazy Crazy Nights- Kiss

If you were going to dance around to anything may I suggest dancing around to this (play song at an extremely high volume for added effect)

This track draws you in right from the word go with the line: "Here's a little song for everybody out there". That line instantly makes me feel less alone.

Everything you'd expect from an absolute Rock Gem, with Guitar solo's and big heavy Drums, the next line that sticks out to me is "...and nobodies gonna change me, cause that's who I am". Reassurance to everyone that it's okay to be weird, it's okay to feel like you don't fit, and it's okay to have a few Crazy Night's along the way.

"This is OUR Music, we like it LOUD"

If you don't know of KISS think, face paint, fire, and a Bassist with an extremely long're welcome.

Private Joy- Prince

It's absolutely criminal to keep this man off any musical list, and "Private Joy" isn't one of the Prince songs that everybody knows in fact it's an album track you can find it on his album "Controversy" (my favourite album of his) and this track is my favourite one of his!

As you'd expect from Prince the track is quite sexually charged, he even invents a new word "Orgasmatron" (it's true what they say there really is no end to his talents)

Looking beyond all the sexy stuff the keyboard part in this track makes you want to jump around instantly, plus this track has a Bass solo, we all could do with a few more Bass solo's in our lives if you ask me! My favourite part of the track is the spoken word part that goes:

" I strangled Valentino, you've been mine ever since if anybody asks you, you belong to Prince"

Absolutely okay with me Prince!

Two Doors Down- Mystery Jets

Jaunty, cheerful and light this track screams 80's which is clever considering it came out in the Noughties, but with added Synth you are well on your way to 80s nostalgia!

The subject matter of the song is really simple:

Boy likes the look of his neighbour who lives "Two Doors Down" of course

Boy realises Girl neighbour is actually a gifted Drummer which sends his love for her into overdrive!

"I hear her playing the Drums late at night, the neighbours complain, but that's the kind of Girl I like"

(The Drums are also an Indie band, so we don't actually know if she's a Drummer or just likes the band The Drums). I would like to think she's a Drummer simply because the World needs more Female Drummers, and I fully can get behind a song that promotes them, plus what's cool about Mystery Jets is two of the members are actually related Farther and Son no less! In most cases this would be embarrassing not here though not if your Dad can pen a great tune like this, happy Families, indeed!

There you have it my second Top 3!

I hope it helps you find your happiness, like the songs on this list have helped me find mine.

If you like what you've read I always enjoy feedback, so don't hesitate to let me know.

Go fourth, be happy!



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  • Sandra Tena Coleabout a year ago

    Great list! And I agree, the world needs more female drummers 💜

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