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Three Philly-Based Bands You Need To Listen To, Like Right Now

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By Jessie GunoskeyPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
weller - record breaker

Let me begin by saying that I don't own any of the videos or content used in this article. I'm just praising some cool stuff that I absolutely adore.


I first stumbled upon Weller earlier in 2016 while scrolling through the Philly tags on Bandcamp. I clicked on Career Fair, and immediately, I was hooked. The emotion, the riffs, and the lyrics all work together in this beautiful soup that works well with my gastritis afflicted stomach. The first time I heard these boys I was probably having sad boy hours, and oh boy, do they produce the bops for those sad, sad times.

Even though these guys are emo/indie, you can still blast these tunes in your car stereo on those spring days that you love to take long drives on. Lyrics like "What kind of nerve do we have? / It's not a fight and I know that / I just want you to miss me / Like you used to miss me" (Favorable Report) truly just hit home and are a total banger. I can't even begin to describe the love I have for the instrumentals here, the guitar and drums mesh perfectly with the lyricist. A true headbanger.

I've seen them regarded as the next Modern Baseball, which I don't believe anyone can top those bois, as they have been my absolute favorite band since I was a freshman in high school (all the way back in 2013!) These guys have their own unique sound that's 100% worth the listen.

Catch me at their record release show in Philly, June 29th.

Coping Skills

Coping Skills is a self-described "moderately gay post-ironic bummer pop," and it surely lives up to the name. With catchy songs for debt-ridden college kids like "Drop Out of College," and those fed-up with men gals in "4 days with me will change your life (cool girl)" you can't help but relate.

Somehow upbeat (and sometimes slower) vocals and instrumentals will have you bopping on your daily commute. The amount of times I've danced to the lyrics "I'm a cool girl / just one of the guys" is too far up there to count, it even became an Insta selfie caption. It's impossible to feel bad when you listen to these guys - it speaks to the millennial nihilistic soul. Even though it's bummer pop, these songs aren't a bummer at all.

I found Coping Skills through the Philly tag as well, and the eye-catching cover art and the name your price button truly caught my eye back in 2016 when I stumbled upon Relatable Web Content, and since then I've been bopping.

I have a feeling I'll be seeing them in July.

Slaughter Beach, Dog

Jake Ewald, the biggest musician crush I'll ever have, does it again. As a MoBo stan since the beginning, I was heartbroken when they broke up (my beautiful bf took me to their last show at union transfer - an experience where my glasses got broken and I was blind for a week and fulfilled my dream of crowd surfing during "Your Graduation"), but the grief was lessened when I realized that Jake and everyone was still going to make music. However, Slaughter Beach isn't the same whiney MoBo vibes that we've seen from him before, these are much more refined, written beautifully and full of thought, and much more mature than previous works. Brutally raw, honest, and calm tracks that will calm your soul.

Birdie, their newest album brings tears and smiles throughout the whole album. Most of these songs have ended up on love-stricken playlists, for the sad hours and for my boyfriend as a reminder that I love him. Welcome, their first album release, got me through a pretty tough breakup with the tracks "Monsters" and "Bed Fest." Truly honest tracks for when you're up at 12:30 am writing for your portfolio because you've drunk too much Dunkin too late at night.


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21 year old student studying biology and public health. home baker, diy music fanatic, and beauty product extraordinarre. ask me for my portfolio and client references.

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