The Power of Music

Music Is Powerful!

The Power of Music

Music can change the world. ~ Beethoven

Music has the ability to change our mood. It has the ability to lift us up and out of a negative state of mind, and calm our heartbeat down after a hard workout.

It can also be the perfect media to help you fill that void by breaking the silence or even avoid conflict (trust me on that!).

I’m certain that it is no surprise to you, music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

Between my two parents, my dad is the singer. He would always be humming or singing a little tune while he worked on the car, or as we hiked through the woods of McClean game refuge. My mom and I would have so much fun dancing around the kitchen to 70s tunes every Friday night!

Followed by years of school choir groups, talent shows, and musicals. Current day, I am blessed to fulfill that musical itch by singing in our Contemporary Praise Band.

I think we are safe to say that music has made a huge impact on my life.

"Stained Glass" ~ Contemporary Christian Band ~ Simsbury United Methodist Church

Seeking strength in music…

The Power of Music

We chatted early on, how music can be one of the ways to help us find our inner peace. Or even navigate us through our difficult emotions.

Music is also an awesome way to help find strength when we are weak.

Definition of weak: “Lacking in strength” – not able to resist external force or withstand attack. ~ Merriam-Webster

I hesitated using the word weak, but it is important to recognize that we all will have moments and periods of weakness in our lives. The weakness that we feel can originate from outside sources (people saying mean things or bullying) or even our own inside voice putting ourselves down.

Finding tools such as music and powerful lyrics in songs like “Flawless,“ “Brave,” or “You Say” can help bring us up and out of the ashes. Then, we need to build upon our newly found strength not only as an individual but as a community where we can and will become stronger together.

I am lucky enough that music and prayer are two roads that cross almost every day for me, and when I am weak and seeking strength—I listen to music.

Relatively speaking, religion is new to me. For the first 34 years, it was minimally in my life, and for the past 16 or so, I have become quite involved with our church, and my learning continues.

With that said, for me, it becomes an easy method of prayer through singing and listening to music. Songs with inspiring words (both religious and non-religious) will move me in such a way I am brought to tears.

There are so many fabulous songs available to us, it definitely was hard to pick just a handful. Whether you find comfort in the Christian songs, or you’d prefer to listen to contemporary songs, find a quiet place, and let the words simply wash over you.

Allow the artist’s message to be personal to you, your situation, and your need to find strength.

For those who find solace in prayer, I offer you a few contemporary Christian songs.

And here are a few other AMAZING and Inspirational contemporary songs.

Of course, like with my other musical suggestions, not all artists and genres will appeal to all. That’s okay—I invite you to look up the lyrics of each song—to seek out the message.

Have I sparked the idea for you to seek out your own list of inspirational songs?!?

What songs make you feel stronger and more powerful?

‘The Power of Music’. Listening to music can make you feel more relaxed, but in some cultures, it’s actually used to ease pain. ~ NPR 06.01.2011

The image of the willow tree is our path to stability, hope, and healing.

Until next time ~ Peace and Blessings, Friends~

Heidi Fitzsimmons @RiseLoveLive
Heidi Fitzsimmons @RiseLoveLive
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