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The Game Drops Diss Track On HipHop Legend Eminem

by Farrow Press about a month ago in album reviews
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The Game Thinks He Is Slim Shady

So as you might of heard by now, “The Game” Dropped a diss track called “The Black Slim Shady”. So we before we get in discussion about this.I honestly think that anyone disses “Eminem” should expect to recieve a diss track back in return. Now I dont if “The Game” did this to stay relevant or if he is just plain out dissing em. But either way I know that em is gonna rap some fire power back.

Last time “Eminem”did a diss track it was more in the light of a diss war because of being disrespected.We all know it was MGK, in my opinion his career pratically got destroyed and ended.After “Eminem” dropped the material he did on him.So whats your thoughts ?Would you like to hear “Eminem” do a diss track on “The Game”. I believe that nobody can beat “Eminem” on a diss or versus because hes an outstanding lyricst and one of the best at it.

Eminem Is The Real Slim shady, not The Game. Am curious on what type of bars Eminem will fire back with.If you had to say is “The Game trynna be offensive to eminem or do you think hes trying to stay relevant. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Hear Is the chros of the track he released about Eminem;

[Chorus: The Game]

I don't think they know who they ****** ' with

Pull that truck around, ***** is duckin' clips

Hi, I'm the Black Slim Shady

I unpack the heat with my oven mitts

I tip-toe around in my Chucks and ****

Hi, I'm the Black Slim Shady

(“The Game” )

as you go on through the lyrics “The Game” starts disssin eminems team. So it seems like hes trying to start some beef with “Eminem”. I honestly have heard more material coming from “Eminem” in the last couple years then I have “The Game”, maybe “Eminem” is more relevant then him. Thats what it seems like recently, which if thats the case “The game” wants beef with him to gain traction and relevancy.

Do you think “The Game's” career will be affected once “Eminem” drops his material on “The Game”. So many outcomes we will have to see which way this lands.

But I gotta say one thing “The Game” better become prepared for whats gonna happen next, cause “Eminem” will go full force with the material and wont lay back . “The Game” Won't think its such a game after all.

Do you think “The game's” diss is enough to come against what eminem gonna fire back with?

When you break down the track it also seems like he copied Eminem's style some too and then he goes on talking about 50, interscope , dr dre and many others. If the game has something against Em' we sure don't hear nothing about it.

But the weird thought about it is, why did he wait until now to diss Em' like he did. I don't think hes only trying to get em' or em's fans attention. I fee like hes trying to get more noticed since hes kinda been in the shadows and what not.

What is “The Game ” going to gain from this track, negative or postive light, is the true question. Eminem is more known then “the game” whether his music is in clubs or not hes a household name and will remain that way.

He came in and made an impact with his music and thats just something “The game” will never take away from him as person or artist.Em is a legend.

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