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The Bittah Dreamer Reviews NF

It's been just under two years since we last heard from Nate. 'Perception' is one of my favorite albums to date so how does the new project stack up?

The Bittah Dreamer Reviews NF

I know right? So soon after the album's release and you’re already being flooded with reviews from people who think they know what the album should sound like better than the artist himself and no if you thought that’s what this is then you are so, so, so wrong. I’m going to talk about the feel of the album because that’s what I get from artists like Nate—the music often has a feel to it rather than being technically either this or that.

If you go back in NF’s discography back to Moments (if you are new to NF’s music I’ll give you a moment to YouTube that )… Okay, now that we’re all on the same page again. The music retains the same feel throughout whether you are listening to Mansions, Therapy Sessions or Perception (other albums by NF) the production and mastering just get a whole lot better and in my humble opinion that's all you need. The lyrics do hit that hard! That is it! Nothing more nothing less and sometimes that is enough, I mean you wouldn't ask MF Doom about who made his beat (Google him too, not relevant to the story but still). There is often this critique that NF is like Eminem in the way that he only talks about the sad parts of his life and that is true, but it hasn't bothered me that much because every verse sounds real and feels like it has a purpose. We saw Logic try and do a switch up and fail dismally, so I guess if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I'm done setting an already biased view of the album—that's because I had listened to it before writing this and during. It's good, that's it! "The Search" is the first track on the album and also the first music video that was released on YouTube on May 30th the music video left fans wanting more and the video was full of easter eggs to what could be on the album and I have to say he did a very, very good job of outlining what the album would be about, searching, learning the weight of fame, depression, the pressure the fans place on him and how good he is lyrically and the anxiety we all have. There are 20 songs in total on the album 19 if you count "Time (extended)" and "Time" as one (it is basically the same song). The album becomes a great album when you take into consideration the subtle promo run that NF embarked on through his social media and on youtube, with him releasing a video every week until we were blessed with the album. The tracks are placed in place to have a genius flow, which provides not only easy listening but also allows the album to flow smoothly. at the time of writing this, I'm on my 6th listen of the album and it hasn't failed me once.

It is overall a very good album with tracks like "Change," "Time" and "Returns" keeping things fresh by providing more upbeat songs in an album that could have become monotonous it's amazing how NF kept the whole project fresh. Yes, this could have also been achieved by having more features, but there is this indefinable something about an NF project that is just pure to the ear. It's just him, his thoughts and experiences and him sharing that with the world. The only feature that I picked up on is Sasha Sloan on the song "Only" and it serves a purpose because the song is about being lonely. If you know Sasha's music you'll know she brings the same introspectively beautiful energy to a song, like on her hit "Older" and so the song just works. the other features are more in terms of backing vocals and I'm sure they are credited somewhere like the choir on "I miss the days." Every voice serves a purpose, every verse makes a difference.

I can talk about Nate until tomorrow at this time but that's just because I feel the music—he isn't even in my top best 50 rappers list of all time. But the way he carries his reality into a song. The way he feels and makes you feel forces you to feel is real and that is why he is high on my favourite rapper list of all time. The album rates highly in my regard. I won't give it a rating out of ten because this is purely based on feeling and someone else might not feel as strongly as I do and it's also degrading to the artist to be like, "Hi there, I heard you worked on this project for a year and a half so let me just quickly take a dump on it for thirty minutes and then move on with my day and leave you depressed, thank you." Like who do you think you are? Just say it's not for you and move on. In conclusion, I love the album. I've been saying "it's good" and "very good" for the sake of playing it cool, but I love it and I recommend you get it wherever they sell albums.

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