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By Chloe GilholyPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Dutch trio the 004 dropped a new music video to compliment their new EP. As proud fans of pop, the song and the video is a nice thank you to all the lovely songs that have given us happiness over the years. No pun intended. I wanted to say that they were back, but they never really left. They've been working very hard. It won't be long until they start saying, new album coming soon.

The 004 asked fans to lipsync for their lives in true Ru Paul's Drag Race fashion, and with gratitude and love. The result is a quirky music video that is brimming with optimism and hope. It comes at a time of political turmoil in all countries to the point where Dystopian writers may feel that the governments are stealing their fiction ideas. I was looking forward to the video cause I thought it would be a nice way for a band and fans to get together throughout the world and make a nice lighthearted video. I don't think I've seen a music video like this before, the only one that comes to mind is Christina Aguilera's video Let There Be Love.

And I like how it started at the beginning when the fans say why they like the 004 and how their music makes them feel. I thought all the messages felt quite sweet and genuine. I really like the first one about not giving up on your hopes and dreams. It's a very relevant message that still needs bringing up from time to time. And the quality of the videos looks really good. I think I recognise some of them from a secret/not-so-secret Sugababes fan group on Facebook. And I was listening to One Touch by the Sugababes when I was writing this.

The comment about not giving up on your dreams reminded me of something Georgina, Youtube's Honest Vocal Coach said there are lots of opportunities in the music industry. And like one of them said it's nice when friends get together and make music together. They're the type of bands that end up getting organic success. They're the kind of groups that stick together.

Everyone looks like they're enjoying themselves which is really nice to see and I think it's nice that the band have got fans involved. There's really a nice variety of fans from various countries and you get a glimpse of each of their cultures in it which helps make the message of love and positivity be more universal.

I needed to hear the message. I've been struggling with depression so I think it's important not to underestimate the power of music. I like the song because of the optimism and upbeat but at the same time feels also chilled. I like the song myself, I think it's catchy and light and upbeat. I remember it was one of my favourites songs from their EP. I mainly like the positive message that it brings and I think it's cool to see the fans jumping about and dancing. I thought the best part of the video is the tribute to the Spice Girls where there are some people dressed up as Geri and Mel B and behind them is all the Spice Girls memorabilia. Even though the Spice Girls haven't released a new studio album in nearly twenty years, and they're still relevant. Also would like to note the make-up is flawless and the spirit of Ginger and Scary spice was captured amazingly well.

Maybe in the next video that the 004 do, they will get their fans to dress up as their favourite popstars. They'll have to have to get Baby Spice, Sporty Spice and Posh Spice too.

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Chloe Gilholy

Former healthcare worker and lab worker from Oxfordshire. Author of ten books including Drinking Poetry and Game of Mass Destruction. Travelled to over 20 countries.

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