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Snowy weekend getaway

Sarah and Jacob's story

By Jessica HowardPublished 2 months ago 6 min read
Snowy weekend getaway
Photo by Fabian Mardi on Unsplash

We drove up the snowy, windy road towards the cosy A- frame cabin, "this road is icy' Sarah sat nervously next to her husband "I know and with all this snow I can barely see the road" "we will make it" "don't worry sweetheart we will get get to the lovely cosy A frame cabin' Jacob said in a reassuring voice he didn't want to panic his wife he could she was already nervous. An hour later they arrived safely at the cabin "I knew we'd make it in one piece" Jacob smiled as he grabbed their bags out of the car "I hope there is some dry firewood inside we need dry firewood to start a fire" Sarah nodded. When they walked into the cabin Sarah looked over at the fireplace there was a basket next to the fireplace with some wood in it "that's not a lot Jacob" "it is enough to get it started I'll go out to the shed and see if there is more" Sarah took their bags from Jacob "you get the fire started and I'll take these into the bedroom "ok sweetheart" Jacob kissed Sarah sweetly on the lips.

Jacob started the fire as Sarah came back in "there we go it and should start warming up" "did you put the grocery bags in the kitchen" "yes I did" "thanks I am going to find the milk and chocolate to make us an hot chocolate" Sarah walked into the kitchen "I am going to the shed to see if there is anymore dry firewood" "ok" Jacob headed out the door. Sarah sighed this weekend away was suppose to help them that is what their therapist had said they had been having some problems in their marriage lately especially in the bedroom this weekend getaway at the snowy cabin was suppose to help them Sarah hoped it did.

Jacob found dry firewood in the shed but he took his time as he needed to think for a few minutes his marriage was falling apart and it was mostly to blame as sleeping with someone else had not been his best idea he had been lonely as Sarah had been such a workaholic they had drifted apart he been glad that Sarah hadn't sent him packing she had decided to try therapy for a while and see how they go Jacob wanted to get his wife trust back he loved her very much and regretted sleeping with someone else. When Jacob came back in Sarah was sitting on the rug in front of the fire "Sarah" "hi honey" Jacob was lost for words as Sarah was wearing very sexy underwear "I thought we were going to talk" Jacob put the firewood on the fire and joined his wife on the rug "is this a test Sarah to see if I still want you" Sarah just looked at her husband "Sarah you are the sexiest woman I know and I always want you" Sarah still didn't say anything Jacob took her hand and put in on his crotch "feel it baby" Sarah rubbed his crotch and Jacob groaned Sarah smiled "get naked" "very gladly" Jacob stood up and stripped away all his clothes and joined his wife back on the rug they made love on the rug in front of the fire.

Jacob put more firewood on the fire as Sarah brought in a hot chocolate for them "so talk time" Sarah handed a mug as she nodded "I'm sorry Sarah I made a mistake" "I know" "you were working so much I was lonely and going out drinking with mates seemed like a good idea at the time but it is no excuse for what I did I love you Sarah and I will never do it again" "you are right I have been working too much and I do need to cut it down so we can spend more time together as you had been asking me for a while" "so can we work things out" "I think we can" Sarah sipped her hot chocolate but didn't smile.

The next morning the snow had eased off "how about a walk?" "I don't think I have the right footwear" Jacob reached into bag and pulled out a shoe box "I picked these up for you I knew you didn't have any snow boots" Sarah took the shoe box from Jacob "thank you" "so is that a yes to a walk" "yes" Sarah slipped the boots on her feet. Jacob was unsure whether to take Sarah's hand "want to build a snowman?" Sarah asked "we haven't built one since out honeymoon" "I know" "sounds fun let's do it" a smile creep into Sarah's face first one Jacob seen in a long time. Jacob was putting the head on their snowman when a snowball smacked him in the back "oi" Jacob whirled around Sarah was standing a few feet away with another snowball in her hand "don't even think about it" Sarah launched the snowball and it smacked Jacob in the chest "that is it I am so going to get you" Jacob picked up handful of snow and ran at Sarah she shrieked as she ran away Jacob grabbed her around the waist when he caught her "surrender" "never" Sarah wiggled and Jacob lost his balance they both went tumble to the ground laughing.

Sarah and Jacob laid side by side in the snow Sarah turned her head towards her husband "I can't remember the last time we laughed so much or had so much fun together" "we do need to do it more often" "we will as I going to stop working weekends and only work nine to five during the week so we have dinner together" "sounds like a good plan" Jacob stood up and held out his hand Sarah took his hand and Jacob helped her up and didn't let go of her hand the whole walk back to the cabin. Back at the cabin they sat in front of the fire sipping wine "we could work out a dinner schedule so we can take turns cooking" "I like that" Sarah took a sip of her wine "Jacob I forgive you" "thank you and I promise you it won't happen again" "I know and I think you could still go out with your mates once a week if you wanted to" "maybe" Jacob at the moment just wanted to be with Sarah and not with his mates. While Sarah was cooking dinner Jacob set up the table with candles and turned out all the lights "is the table set?" "yes" "good dinner is ready" Sarah carried the plates into the room and stopped in her tracks "dinner by candle light and the fire's glow" Sarah smiled "very romantic" Sarah placed the plates on the table "and with very lightly snow falling outside the cabin" they ate dinner by candlelight and than afterwards made love on the rug in front of the fire again.

The weekend away in the snowy cabin had rekindled their marriage but the question was now they were leaving to go back to the city could Sarah and Jacob keep their marriage together could Jacob stay faithful and give up his bad drinking ways? Could Sarah stopped being a workaholic? only time would tell for these two.


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