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My Fiction Story Part 3!

by Jessica Howard 17 days ago in literature
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Tess, Logan and baby

My Fiction Story Part 3!
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

The birth had not been smooth there had been complication for me not my baby girl she was beautiful and healthy I watched as Logan cradle her in his arms 'are you okay?' 'I am feeling much better Logan' 'I was so scared I was going to lose you' 'you didn't I am still here' I smiled weakly. Logan placed our daughter into the crib and came over to me 'Tess I don't know what I would do if I lost either of you' 'that is not going to happen I am not going anywhere' 'I love you Tess and I...' I put my finger to his lips 'no not now I need to get my strength back and be a mother to my baby girl we will talk about this later' 'you're right rest now' Logan kissed my forehead. The time had come for me to go home with my baby girl and I knew Logan would be waiting on my decision about our relationship the only problem was I didn't have one I knew I loved Logan but I didn't know whether I was ready. I sat in the rocking chair that Logan had made while I feed my baby girl Lily I felt Logan's presence I knew he was standing in the door frame 'Logan' 'yes' 'you just going to stand there and watch' 'yes I am it is a beautiful sight' I sighed. I placed Lily down in her bassinet I felt Logan behind me 'I need to sleep while Lily is sleeping' 'Tess' 'not now Logan I am tired' 'you can't keep me waiting forever' he sounded so angry but I couldn't turn around I heard him leave the room.

I knew the pain I was causing Logan but my head was all over the place I needed to stop listening to my head and start listening to my heart Logan was cooking breakfast when I came into the kitchen 'Logan' 'what?' 'I love you Logan I have been through alot I am a new mum please don't pressure me about starting our relationship again I know I am hurting you but please give me a little more time' the tears started to fall 'oh baby please don't cry I am sorry' Logan came over and wrapped me in his arms 'you're right after everything you have been through I shouldn't be pressuring you I will give you a little more time' I sobbed against his chest, Lily's cries broke through the house 'I got her eat some breakfast Tess you need your strength' we broke apart as Logan went off to see to our daughter.

Cassie held her niece in her arms 'Logan are you ok?' 'I don't know what to do anymore Cassie I love Tess so much but she is pushing me away' 'Logan she had a complicated birth and she is a new mum' 'I was so angry I made her cry' 'she needs more time Logan' 'yeah Tess said the same thing' 'than give to her Tess loves you Logan' 'I want to marry this girl I will never hurt like that again but I don't think she trust me' 'of course she trust you' 'I think she doing this to hurt me out of revenge' 'is that what you think' 'Tess' 'do you know me at all I would never do something like that I love you idiot and I want to marry you' 'you want to marry me' 'of course I do you are the love of my life Logan' 'then why are you pushing me away' 'I am just learning to be a mum and I don't know if I can be a wife too' Logan got down on one knee 'what are you doing?' 'you are an amazing mum and you will make an awesome wife I love you and Lily so much and I want to make a family marry me Tess' 'yes' 'really' 'a thousand times yes' Logan jumped up grabbed me into his arms and swung me around 'stop it you idiot I am going to be sick' 'oh god I love you' Logan's lips smacked on mine 'here' Cassie held out a ring 'Cassie' 'it was our grandmother's' 'you had it with you' 'I was going to give it to Logan because I knew you would marry him' Logan slipped the ring on my finger.

Two months later...

I looked at my reflection in the mirror 'you make a beautiful bride' 'thank you' Cassie smiled at me 'for everything' 'what do you mean?' 'for being my best friend for not being mad when I hooked up with your brother for being there for both us while we were apart and most of all for being the amazing person you are I love you Cassie' 'I love you too' 'I want you to be our daughter's godmother' 'I would be honored' we got teary and hugged 'you ready' 'ready than I will ever be' 'then let's not keep him waiting any longer' Cassie pulled my veil down. We stood at the end of aisle arm in arm as I looked down the aisle at my soon to be handsome husband and my beautiful baby girl and I knew we were a family and nothing would ever tear us apart again.



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