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Ranking All Harry Styles's Solo Material Thus Far

a.k.a. my worst nightmare

By hannah irelanPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Welcome to my hell (also known as attempting to pretend like every Harry Styles song isn't my favorite.) Today, I'll be ranking all of Harry's solo songs in an attempt to summon HS2 because, well, I need it. Enjoy.

10. "Kiwi"

Don't get me wrong, this song is a bop and a sure fire way to lift any mood, but, in comparison to the rest of the album, this song doesn't necessary nestle itself perfectly among its moody and heartbreaking counterparts. However, the lyric "I'm having your baby," =The greatest lyric Harry Edward Styles has ever delivered on stage.

9. "Carolina"

Again, perfect for a dance party, but this song, for me, feels least like Harry. While I think it draws a lot on his obvious rock roots, it's far left-field from what we're used to hearing Harry perform. However, I'll be the first to say that Harry could sing the phone book and it would deserve a Grammy, so who am I?

8. "Only Angel"

Out of all the more in-your-face rock songs, this one is my favorite. The lyrics and the beat mix perfectly. I love "Only Angel." Say it with me now: We love "Only Angel."

7. "Woman"

I can listen to "Woman" on repeat. In fact, I'm doing it now. While the lyrics aren't the deepest, this song literally fits Harry's voice so well. We need to give "Woman" the appreciation it deserves.

6. "Two Ghosts"

This song birthed one of my favorite lyrics of all time: "Fridge light washes this room white; moon dances over your good side." Don't ask me why, but this is absolutely one of the most heartbreakingly beautiful lyrics ever, and its subtle wording and soft undertones make it one of Harry's best post breakup ballads.

5. "Meet Me In The Hallway"

I imagine that nothing was more healing than screaming the lines "I gotta get better, gotta get better" along with Harry on his solo tour. They say that songs have the power to bring people together. I think this song epitomizes that. But seriously, who the hell would ever leave Harry freaking Styles in the hallway?

4. "Sweet Creature"

This. This right here is the soft, gentle Harry Styles that we know and love. I hear something different every time I listen to this song, but the overarching message is always universal: I love you endlessly, and I'm here for you, and sometimes, that's enough.

3. "Ever Since New York"

I'm a sucker for a good sad song, I'll admit it. This is by far the best heartbreak ballad on the entire album. The way he somehow manages to create such an emotionless feeling in his voice while singing about such an emotional topic is beyond my comprehension. All I know is that his voice sounds like he's given up, and that alone, is one of the most heartbreaking things I've ever heard.

2. "From The Dining Table"

This song deserves SO much more recognition, honestly. If you don't agree, you simply haven't heard it. There is so much natural emotion in this song, it isn't even funny. When I tell you that I've legit had breakdowns while listening to this song, please know that I'm completely serious. I'll just be over here crying over Harry's broken heart. Feel free to join me.

1. "Sign of the Times"

Yes, this song got overplayed on the radio. Yes, it got old for a while. However, even with all the hype, this song is absolutely Harry's best, no question in my mind. Especially after hearing it live, it's clear that Harry outdid himself with this strong, personal, powerful ballad. This song fits Harry like a glove, and quite honestly, I listen to it every single morning. I don't get tired of it. I don't think someone could ever get tired of true art.

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