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One Son showcases his expertise and creativity across various genres ...

One Son’s songs take us on a musical journey.

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One Son

ONE SON, a prolific artist in the music industry, has successfully released an impressive catalogue of ten solo projects that truly exemplify his artistic vision.

From the impactful A Poor Man's Testimony to the thought-provoking Memoirs Vol I (2002-2019), each album showcases his evolution as an artist and his ability to captivate audiences.

Not stopping there, One Son has also lent his talent to three group projects, namely A Soldier's Story, Lyrical Assassins, and the recently unveiled 2021 release, SON NOVA.

His musical prowess has garnered attention from renowned platforms like,,, and, solidifying his presence in the industry.

Moreover, his artistry transcends borders, receiving notable recognition from radio stations such as BigFM in Europe, Jam Agenda in Uganda, and Radio Mixshow in Ghana, hosted by the esteemed DJ Godfred Official.

Crossing continents, One Son's music has resonated with audiences in Paris, Hong Kong, Poland, and Mexico, generating interest from French TV and an appearance on various international shows. His talent has also garnered coveted placements in diverse media, including NFL Films, the show Giada At Home, and the reality shows Mary Mary, NASCAR Trackside, and Tia and Tamera.

Additionally, his performances for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as his unforgettable show at the legendary Apollo Theater, have cemented his reputation as an artist committed to connecting through his music.

Beyond his musical achievements, One Son has also dabbled in the world of film, featuring in three indie productions, namely Almost Time, Riff, and Dirty South.

With an extensive body of work and a steadfast dedication to his craft, One Son has proven himself to be a true force in the industry, leaving an indelible mark with his multifaceted talents.

featured songs by One Son ...

  • Spitacular - Lyrical Hip Hop

Spitacular is the epitome of lyrical hip hop, where One Son's words flow seamlessly over captivating beats. With thought-provoking lyrics and an impeccable delivery, this track showcases One Son's mastery of the genre.

The engaging storytelling and clever wordplay make it a must-listen for any fan of hip hop.

  • Speed Of Life - Lyrical, Conscious Hip Hop

With Speed Of Life, One Son takes us on a journey through the realities of everyday existence. This lyrical and conscious hip hop track delves deep into societal issues and personal growth.

One Son's raw emotions and insightful lyrics create a powerful impact, urging listeners to reflect and take action.

  • Can I - Pop, Hip Hop

Bringing a fusion of pop and hip hop, Can I showcases One Son's versatility as an artist. This infectious track combines catchy melodies with engaging rap verses, creating a perfect blend of two genres.

With its upbeat vibe and relatable lyrics, Can I is bound to get you grooving.

  • All Night Long - Pop, Hip Hop

All Night Long is a captivating blend of pop and hip hop that will keep you hooked from start to finish. One Son's smooth vocals and rhythmic flow make this track infectious and irresistible.

Whether you're out dancing or chilling with friends, All Night Long sets the perfect mood.

  • I Am - Lyrical Hip Hop

I Am showcases One Son's lyrical prowess yet again, as he delves into personal experiences and delivers a powerful message. This track is a reminder of embracing one's individuality and owning one's identity unapologetically.

With its captivating beats and introspective lyrics, I Am resonates with listeners on a deep level.

  • Higher Ground - Afro Beat, Hip Hop

Bridging the gap between Afro Beat and hip hop, Higher Ground is a vibrant and energetic track that will get you moving. One Son's infectious energy combined with the infectious rhythms of Afro Beat create an irresistible fusion.

Higher Ground is a celebration of life, inspiring listeners to reach for new heights.

  • Chattahoochee River Music - Hip Hop, Conscious

With Chattahoochee River Music, One Son delivers a powerful and conscious hip hop track that sheds light on social and environmental issues.

Through his thoughtful lyrics and captivating storytelling, One Son invites listeners to reflect on the world around them.

This track serves as a reminder to take care of our planet and work towards a better future.

  • The Pugilist - Hip Hop, Conscious

The Pugilist is a hard-hitting hip hop track that combines conscious lyrics with captivating beats. One Son's powerful delivery and thought-provoking wordplay make this track stand out.

It serves as a call to action, urging listeners to fight for their dreams and stand up for what they believe in.

  • We Go Up (Remix) - K-Pop World, K-Pop

One Son showcases his versatility once again with the K-pop remix of We Go Up. This track infuses K-pop elements into a world of diverse music. The catchy melodies, high-energy vocals, and infectious dance beats make it a perfect addition to any K-pop playlist.

One Son's collaboration with the K-pop world proves his ability to adapt to different genres seamlessly.

  • I Wish I Knew - Hip Hop, Country, Pop

I Wish I Knew is a unique blend of hip hop, country, and pop genres, showcasing One Son's ability to break boundaries. This track captures the essence of storytelling in country music while infusing it with catchy pop hooks and hip hop influences.

I Wish I Knew is a testament to One Son's versatility and willingness to experiment with different sounds.

One Son's songs take us on a musical journey through various genres, showcasing his expertise, creativity, and dedication to his craft. From lyrical hip hop to pop, K-pop, and even country, One Son proves his versatility as an artist.

Each track is a testament to his ability to captivate listeners with meaningful lyrics, impressive wordplay, and infectious beats.

Explore One Son's songs and immerse yourself in the diverse world of his music.

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