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New Music Video Featuring Darth Vader And Batman Will Instantly Become Your Favorite

by Tyler S. Callaway 5 years ago in bands
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It is the representation of how any relationship between a child and their parent should be and how you should help anyone that is in need.

In today's world of music videos we have gotten used to videos that seem to have little to nothing to do with the song itself and lack any kind of heart. Music videos were meant to be a visual representation of an artist's message behind their song, but that is becoming less and less prevalent in the music industry.

I have recently been introduced to an up and coming alternative rock band called LeAnder and the members Scott Lamons, Logan Rhea, and Andrew Hall are huge superhero fans and they have made an amazing music video featuring Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Batman that has an awesome message behind it in their new single "Steakhouse":

Skywalker Family Values

The music video shows a loving father and son relationship between Luke and Vader and an angry Batman who is alone and only wants the same love and affection that Luke gets from his father. It is the representation of how any relationship between a child and their parent should be and how you should help anyone that is in need.

The moment when Luke and Vader go to help Batman and give him the family he desperately desires is such a heartwarming sight and to me shows that humanity is not as lost as it seems in today's society that seems so dark. It is a fictional music video with fictional characters, but it's important to remember that situations like this happen everyday, and there is still true virtue in humanity. It was a beautiful music video that truly stood out to me and it puts a smile on my face every time I watched it.

It is not just about the video though, the song itself is amazing -- the lyrics are inspiring and the beat is smooth and allows you lean back and get put into a good mood. I have had this song stuck in my head for three days now and I have taken notice of LeAnder as artists.

This band is young, but they have a lot of potential and the ability to make good music with purpose behind it. I cannot wait to see their careers take off and I am sure we will be hearing more music from them in the future, and they are on their way to becoming stars in the music industry.

Show LeAnder your support by liking them on Facebook and be on the look out for more great music from them and other up and coming artists!


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