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What was the Best Difference Between "Herogasm" the comic and "The Boys?"

by Tyler S. Callaway 2 months ago in superheroes
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Herogasm may not have fully lived up to the hype Amazon was putting out, but it was still possibly one of the greatest episodes of the show yet. What major change from the comics to the show aided this?

If you're a fan of the source material that Amazon's hit superhero parody "The Boys" is based on, then you know all about Herogasm. A giant superhero "party" that consists of many nefarious acts that would have my family questioning my stability if they knew I was watching/reading it.

Easily the most anticipated episode of season 3, possibly even the show to date is titled "Herogasm." Herogasm was a mini-series that produced some of the most graphic comic panels you'll ever see while also giving us the best storylines of the series.

In the comcs; this is a giant vacation that every superhero attends and is paid for by Vought in order to allow their heroes to blow off steam.In order to pull this off, Homelander announces to the world an alien threat that puts the entire Earth at risk of destruction. This is the excuse for how every hero on Vought's payroll finds their way out of the spotlight for a week.

Once there; all sorts of NSFW content happens. While the TV show did tackle a massive superhero orgy, they did not stick to script with some of the other storylines that unfold in the comics. We didn't get the comic version of Homelander and Soldier Boy - which was VASTLY different - or a notorious scene between Hughie and Black Noir.

This difference between comic and show is expected since the show has already veered completely from the comics, really only taking basic story beats and putting their own spin on it. There have already been so many changes that it's near impossible for the show to have the same ending as the comics. A lot of minor changes that have been going on since season 1 have snowballed into something that hardly resembles the comic outside of the basic premise.

Honestly, I haven't minded any of the changes made. Showrunner Eric Kripke has built his own universe and the Herogasm we saw in the comics really doesn't fit into this more grounded reality of the show. An alien invasion and vacation that essentially calls a truse amongst every hero for a short time just wouldn't seem right in the show.

This show handles everyday crimes and terrorist attacks and hasn't even flirted with the idea of anything beyond human. Also, the thought of Homelander taking a vacation seems so odd with the character we have seen so far.

Some of the depravity seen from Homelander in the comics isn't far off from what we've seen his show couterpart ensue, but the idea of him going on a trip like this for his own pleasure is out of character for him. It would be out of character for most of the characters to just drop everything and go on this insane trip.

The best change from the comics they did for Herogasm was downsizing it to a much more facebook group type of atmosphere where some of the lesser known supes get crazy out of the public eye at an undiclosed location. It's so underground that not even the members of the seven seem to be aware of it's happening.

Now, Amazon hyped this thing with a lot of marketing and teases that this was going to be one of the most gruesome episodes of TV viewers will ever see. While they certantly accomplished their goal for a new level of raunchy, it didn't hit all the expectations of just how wild the comics version of events was.

At first, I was dissapointed in how much more story driven this episode was. I was hoping they would possibly put story in the backseat and fully unleash the cast into the rotten cespool of mayhem and bodily fluids that is Herogasm. I've come around to this actually being probably the best adaptation we could've reasonably hoped for.

An event on that scale would be nearly impossible to pull off in this universe and especially in the current and progressing state of the show. For Homelander to announce a giant hero orgy with all the growing threats he's having to deal with. Even with all the perversion this show produces, the comics version of Herogasm would've never been taken serious.


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