Never Underestimate the Power of Music

by Patricia Sarkar about a year ago in humanity

When life gets tough, just press play.

Never Underestimate the Power of Music

Oh music, what a wonderful creation it is. The world would undoubtedly be a sadder, duller place without it. Even for people who are hearing impaired, music is such an important experience for them. Contrary to what many think, deaf people are very much able to enjoy music, even though not in the same way as we do since they “feel” it rather than “hear” it. In any case, music is just something we cannot seem to live without and is something that affects our everyday lives.

If this weren’t half as true, then why would music be found pretty much everywhere you go? For instance in supermarkets, retail stores, hair salons, fitness centers, bars, and restaurants, etc. Not to mention that it is a staple in movies, and also plays a very important role in video games. Whatever game it is, and on whichever platform it is played, you can be sure that it has whatever kind of music playing in the background that more often than not will reflect the theme of the game and the gameplay. So, if let’s say you are playing an exciting, action-packed RPG game, the chances are that you’re going to have some big sound playing in the background, such as metal or rock because it will get those endorphins flowing.

Even in the world of gambling, music plays a very important role and it’s no wonder why. Can you imagine playing at a casino that had no music running in the background? The ambiance would just not be the same. Music, especially classical in the case of casinos, has a particular effect on the guests—it helps set the mood and creates a certain vibe that simply cannot exist without it. It helps with immersing the player in the games, therefore enhancing his experience. It’s the same thing with online casinos. All of the existing, (and up and coming), online slot games have unique music playing in the background that complements them, and this is mostly because music has been proven to have profound effects on mood.

From the way that it can instill in us certain emotions, to how it can inspire people to think creatively, to the impact that it can have on confidence, music is just powerful that way. But it also boils down to the genre too. Not all genres can help you get through an intense HIIT workout or can help you relax and disconnect from reality during a yoga session. Every genre can have a different impact on a person. Moreover, it also boils down to what kind of music appeals to different people; which is one of the reasons why I find the topic of music so fascinating. If you had to ask a group of people what their choice of music would be to unwind after a long day, I can guarantee you will get different answers to that question.

It’s the same with making tough decisions. While some may assume that the only decent music for calm decision-making is that from gentle genres such as the classical, there’s actually value in all sorts of genres because what works for one person does not necessarily work for the next. Some people, for instance, might find rock and metal music too loud and distracting, while others will find them inspiring and upbeat, and more likely to contain deep and meaningful lyrics to relate to—which have the power to change and overhaul a listener’s frame of mind. In fact, for the average university student especially, rock and metal are one of the top genres one will probably find on their playlist.

We’ve all been there at some point in our student lives; perhaps this is because rock music is a great companion during indecisive times, not least because the lyrics to rock songs are often particularly heartfelt and profound—especially in comparison to the vapid words of many modern pop songs. Some have said that they listen to the genre when they’re in a difficult position as it provides them with a way to think clearly—and it also makes them feel less alone, which is ideal for keeping a clear head and not worrying that the decision may end in catastrophe.

The bottom line is, however, that whichever genre one is more inclined to, there’s no arguing that turning to music helps clear your head and become in touch with your emotions so much that you are able to understand yourself better. Making big life decisions is something that’s not easy. Whether it’s debating whether to leave a relationship or simply deciding whether or not to take a job, there are lots of times where you might need something to help you through hard choices. So if there’s anything you should take away from this today, it's that, when life gets tough, just press play.

Patricia Sarkar
Patricia Sarkar
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