My Review of "The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion"

A documentary of some important and yet unknown figures in hip hop fashion. Their influence has forever shaped the world and no one knows them.

My Review of "The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion"

The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion is a documentary that I think a lot of people should really check out because they talk about some important artists that no one knows about. The film basically focuses on the work of Misa Hylton, April Walker, Dapper Dan, and Kerby Jean-Raymond. These are pretty important figures in the fashion industry but in different ways.

This film starts off by talking about Black fashion before hip hop. There has been a history of Black American's expressing themselves in fashion from the very beginning. They would always use the clothes that White American's were discarding and re-purposing them to look different. Black American's have always been creative and imaginative with what they've been given. It is only until now that the world has started to take notice.

One of the most important figureheads of Black fashion is a woman named Misa Hylton. She's a fashion stylist that truly understands the look and feel of hip hop fashion. You could say it's because she was one of the pioneers of hip hop fashion for what it is today. She's famous for styling a ton of hip hop artists in the 90s and continues to do so today.

Unfortunately with the change in the industry high production music videos aren't being made as often so her line of work had declined dramatically. Still her name in the industry is synonymous with hip hop fashion so many of hip hop artists still use her to help with their fashion.

Another important figure head is Dapper Dan. He was the first person to cut high end logos and placed them on clothing. His story is very interesting as he used the actual logos of pretty prominent fashion brands and eventually got into trouble with these brands. The irony is that the same fashion brands would copy his styles for their own brands for profit later on.

April Walker and Kerby Jean-Raymond tell us their story to explain the complications of hip hop fashion and how it was viewed by the fashion industry. There is a lot of racism and stigma that comes with Black fashion in the fashion industry even today. They tell you all of the struggles that hip hop and Black designers have to go through in order to get their clothes out to the public.

Today, there is a lot of progress but there are still a lot of hurdles that Black artists have to go through. You can even see a ton of the influences these artists have had on the world 20 and 30 years later. Luckily the world is a lot more connected than it has ever been. Today the truth is being shared more readily so the fashion industry can't get away with some of the crimes that they've always been able to in the past. It's nice to see that we've had such great progress but I know there's still a lot of hurdles to go.

Black fashion has influenced the world and I think that the stories of these artists have to be told because they really aren't getting the credit that they deserve. It's really a shame too because they've been so influential and nobody really seems to care about what they created.

Overall, I would say that this was a really well made film that I would say tons of people need to watch. It's a real shame that these artists are being ignored and forgotten when they should really be revered and celebrated. I have to give this documentary an 8 out of 10. I really hope that they have a follow up for this documentary with more forgotten artists.

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