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Most Popular Anime Songs

Songs For The Otaku Heart

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Most Popular Anime Songs
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Animation is one of the biggest TV genres in the world. Yet, animation music can be so impactful for a show that it could change the audience's perspective. What makes anime opening or ending songs so great and impressive is the 'hype' they provide to the viewers. Here are some of the most favored anime songs that many anime fans love.

1. Mukanjyo by SSTP

Survive Said The Prophet also known as Sabapuro is a Japanese rock band that was formed in 2011. They are the band behind Vinland Saga's first season introduction opening of 2019. Mukanjyo is a metal rock type of introduction song that aligns with Vinland's main protagonist's story, Thorfinn. Through the anime song video, viewers get a glimpse of Thorfinn's happy childhood and admiration for his father, that is quickly turned into a sour and resentful teenager that he will become. The song's lyrics talk about how the world is a 'dog eat dog world', where only the strongest can survive. In order to survive, you need to make sacrifices, even if you need to sell your soul. The song goes on to talk more about the deep feelings Thorfinn may be feeling after his father's death and his revengeful thirst to kill his father's killer, Askeladd.

2. Inferno by Mrs. Green Apple

What makes this anime's opening song so memorable is the intensity and electrifying beat of the characters' introduction. Throughout the video, there are intense fighting scenes with all the characters which make this anime worth the watch! Mrs. Green Apple's rock Inferno delivers the anime's theme and through its lyrics, viewers get a glimpse of the emotions that wrap up these characters. Fire Force's catchy rock song is one that any otaku should have on their playlist.

3. Kyouran Hey Kids!! by The Oral Cigarettes

Nothing screams 2015 nostalgia than Noragami's, Kyouran Hey Kids!! hit. This upbeat rock song performed by The Oral Cigarettes quickly became a hit sensational among anime lovers and matched the Noragami vibes. Throughout the video, we get to see the main characters and supporting characters along with their shinki. Each god or goddess is going all out with their blessed vessels, fighting alongside each other to the song's beat. The lyrics to the song can be interpreted as each shinki holding great respect for their masters (gods or goddesses). As each god has their own reason for fighting and attachment to their shinki, since blessed vessels cannot return to where they came from since they are dead, they must stay alongside their masters or else be corrupted. This anime song's lyrics and beat are well-matched to Noragami's storyline.

4. Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen by Linked Horizon

This German title song which translates to Crimson Bow and Arrow has been a massive hit since its debut. It has been roughly ten years since Attack on Titan was first released in animation form, and it continues to be a big hit. The first opening song from season one made an impression among viewers with its gore visuals, war elements, and acrobatic soldiers. Attack on Titan's theme is war which is highlighted and glorified in the video. However, it's fanfare, the beat to the song sure makes anyone feel like war adrenaline rushing through their veins as they watch this opening. The translated lyrics to the song emphasize this hunter-killing intent and describe how only the will to fight will save the hunter. The German-based animation and its butt-kicking song can lure any viewer into becoming a huge fan.

5. Gurenge by Lisa

Demon Slayer's season one opening song, Gurenge, became an electrifying hit in 2019. Not only does the show have all the elements of a shonen classic but also has an unforgettable opening song. Lisa's rock style and avid vocals make this song worthy of being crowned among the best anime songs. In the music video, Lisa's musical talents are matched with the show's visually striking animation. Both the lyrics and show highlight the pain that the main protagonist, Tanjiro, faces when he loses his family to demons. All with the exclusion of his younger sister, Nesuko, that is now a demon. Together they journey to find a cure for her and thus embark on an epic adventure. This masterpiece is bound to make it to any anime lover's playlist.

There it is, the most popular anime songs that grace a myriad of otaku's playlist. There are plenty more that are worthy of being placed among the list, but for the meanwhile, let's enjoy these classics.


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