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Mini Car

Mini Car

By uff nayenPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Mini Car
Photo by Kishan Modi on Unsplash

Ah? Is it a beauty or not? Some people's fascinated eyes become confused, and they ask questions in a slightly disappointed voice.

Baiji's disguise did not harm Harida's anger that day. He got a total of eight rupees and ten annas. We also saw that beautiful Baiji standing in front of each shop, smiling and holding out a flower arrangement. Shopkeeper too. He laughed and picked up a siki and threw it on the flowers in Baiji's hand.

Sometimes Baul, sometimes Kapalik. Sometimes the old Kabuliwala with the baggy shoulders, sometimes the hat-coat-pantlun-wearing Firingi Keramin Sahib. Harida stood inside Dayalbabu's lychee garden dressed as a policeman; Four school boys were caught. The boys cried in fear; And the master of the school came and apologized to the fake policemen - measure them like this time. But after taking Atana bribe. The master's request was protected by the fake-cop Harida.

The next day, however, the master of the school did not know, to whom he gave a bribe of eight annas. But the master was not angry at all. Instead, he praised a little, really, the police dressed very nicely Hari!

But now we don't understand exactly what Harida is thinking so seriously. After listening to the story of the monk, did Harida have any new thoughts in his head?

Well, our suspicions are not false. Harida said - today we will show you a forced game.

- What is your benefit by showing us Harida? You will not get more than a cigarette from us.

Harida-No, not exactly. I say you are from there. then

Will see...

- Where?

Harida – Today evening at Jagdish Babu's house.

-Suddenly you got so much enthusiasm to show the game at Jagadishbabu's house

Harida laughs - I will get something like that. You understand, the whole day. It does not cost more than two or three rupees even if you go around in disguise. Once Baaji Seze was found, however, there was more. But what will happen?

Harida is right. Harida went out dressed for one day a week. But it does not make the stomach move for seven days.

Harida said-No, this time it is not to take a bribe to get a hand like a pauper. Now kill the elephant, the booty is the treasure. What I swallow at once will last me a whole year.

But how is it possible? Jagdish Babu is a rich man, but quite a miser. Jagdish Babu will be more happy to see Harida dressed as a yogi monk or a monk? And if you are happy, you will give gratuity. Not more than five.

Harida says - if you want to see, then stay at Jagdishbabu's house today in the evening.

We said - Stay; I will go to Jagdish Babu this evening to get chada for our party.

Great look this evening. How long has the moonlight fallen upon our city, but never has such a soft and calm glow shone round it so beautifully as it does today.

The wind is blowing. All the leaves of Jagdish Babu's garden are rustling as if trying to say something. A big light is burning in the balcony of Jagdish Babu's house. Jagdish Babu is sitting on a chair near that light. Jagadishbabu is a white head, white beard, gentle, calm and wise man. We stand handing over our spert chadar khata to Jagadishbabu.

Jagdish Babu was shocked. Jagdishbabu's two surprised eyes became blinded by looking at the stairs of the balcony.

We are also surprised. I was surprised, a little scared. Because, I really can't believe that, who is standing near the stairs, is he really Harida? And the appearance can really be a polymorph?

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