Making Money in Music with Social Media

Helpful Tips on What You Can Do Online with Your Music for Musicians and Music Lover

Making Money in Music with Social Media

Hey everyone! I wanted to share some things with you as this has been one tough battle to overcome. We are all aware of the painful phrase "Starving Musician" which plagues us so deeply. However, we have deep urges to create and it can not be ignored! We know this world needs the inspiration, we need music whether for advertisement, entertainment or personal enjoyment. There are different ways to make money after the industry has changed. From doing hours upon hours of research, trial, and error, I have discovered some things that helped us out so far. I would love to share them with those that are interested. (I am aware that there may be better ways of going about this. I'm writing about merely our own personal experiences and I am open to hearing about your experiences and advice.)

For Musicians

Aside from playing shows and selling merchandise, there are the wonders of social media. Some of us cringe at the thought but really there are money and connections to be made. I used to be a private person and hated social media. I'd often delete my accounts and was offline for periods of time but being in a band, it's pretty important to be on there. You have to post consistently. There's so much content and it can be lost, however, also be mindful of how much you are posting on a daily basis. I have a hard time doing this because life is so busy. Sometimes I doubt if people will like what I'm posting because we can be so silly and weird, however that is just who we are. 😄 I do like connecting with people and I feel this is a great way to do so.

Find a platform you like and you can connect to your fan base. What's great is that you can see insights on all of them for free and you can determine which ones are working out the best for you. If the idea of social media is undesirable still, you can see if you have someone you trust to take it over. Streams are another good option. You don't receive a lot at once but I see them like stocks and over time they will accumulate and it's cash in your pocket. I read this amazing book. I'll link it here...

It has really good insights, tips, and tricks. It helped me out a lot. Don't give up. This takes time to see progress...enjoy the journey! And always be grateful to your fan base.

Music Lovers

We are so grateful for you! Without you, we wouldn't be where we are today. The internet has made it easier for all of us to connect which is super awesome! I've enjoyed connecting with all of you. How do you support your favorite bands to keep them financially healthy? Well, here are some things you can do.

For No Money at All

Follow and subscribe to your favorite bands on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Bands In Town, Band Camp, and Soundcloud. Share and like the content! Feel free to comment. Don't be shy! We love to hear from you.

If You Have a Subscription

If you have a subscription to Soundcloud, Spotify or Apple Music, follow bands. Like their music and if you feel like creating a playlist, that also helps too!

If You Have the Cash

Shows and merch still help out a band so much. If you can't go, you can become a subscriber to their Patreon! All bands will have different rewards based on their tier. There is no extra cost to cancel. Feeling generous? You can do a one-time donation. It's like an electronic tip jar. Literally, every little thing helps.

I hope you found this helpful. We are all in this together. Through community, we can grow and be strong together! Let's help each other out!

Love you all and thanks for reading.

Jewels Foster Rogers
Jewels Foster Rogers
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Jewels Foster Rogers

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