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Lazy2real is catching regional attention

by Mark Cesar about a month ago in rap
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He’s heating up

Lazy2real - Crazy On The Block ( Official Video)

Lazy2real is attracting a great deal of attention right now. According to his bio, the rapper from Broward County derives his energy and inspiration from the people and places he comes into contact with daily. Los Angeles-based rapper Lazy2real, who hails from Deerfield Beach, Florida, makes waves in the Broward County rap scene.

It seems that Lazy2real is drawing a lot of attention. Rapper from Broward County gets his energy and inspiration from the people and places he interacts with daily. Lazy2real, a rapper from Deerfield Beach, Florida, is on the rise in the Broward County rap scene.

Marckens Cesar, or “Lazy2real ,” is a visionary and brave songwriter. He is the youngest of five siblings and is regarded as the “black sheep” for his unconventional ideas. And he's an introvert, too. The name of this Broward County artist sticks out immediately.

Lazy2real's style is simple and energetic, free of overworked auto-tune and unnecessary samples. As a result of Broward County's role as a feeder to major South Florida clubs and DJ events and the national demand for fresh and distinctive rap, several musicians are emerging from the area.

Lazy2real is in good company in a city that helped pioneer the rap genre, including 2 Live Crew and Poison Clan and more contemporary artists like Trick Daddy and Rick Ross. The latest Broward County rap scene championship winners, including the heavy hitters such as Kodak Black, Ski Mask the Slump God, Smokepurpp, Denzel Curry, and Jackboy, are proof positive that standing out in this throng is difficult.

In Broward County, Lazy2real provides an unfiltered version of today's music and rap fantasy that is both honest and less polished.

Lazy2real began composing music at the age of 15 after relocating to America. Many who follow his lead mix the standard Glock and strike talk with a surprisingly sympathetic emphasis on family and close friends.

The "disarmingly honest" Goin Bling is an example of where Lazy2real wants to go with his music. In the film, Lazy and pals are shown driving a Mercedes, flossing their teeth, wearing Michael Jackson T-shirts, and generally having fun.

Like many other rappers in South Florida, Lazy2real had to go through a challenging phase of maturation and self-discovery. This young rapper from south Florida is helping to shape an exciting new sound in south Florida hip-hop, one that is infused with both anxiety and excitement about life. He does this by finding creative outlets for his aggravation and turning it into new rhythms. In the following several months, we'll get to see what Lazy2real has in store for us.

Dubbed "Lazy2real " by his fans, Marckens Cesar is a daring and innovative composer. A member of an unorthodox family, he's known as the "black sheep" because of his outlandish views. He's also an introvert. Almost instantly, the name of this Broward County artist comes to mind.

This is about as aw-shucks as rap gets today, and means Lazy2real may be pointing the way to a new horizon for rap music, one that mixes more predictable street beats with disarming charm and personal conviction.

“My music is about the environment I grew up in,” Lazy2real says. “I’m speaking on various topics in my music from personal problems to positive reviews on life itself.”

Like a lot of rappers in South Florida, Lazy2real spent a lot of hard time, both growing up and learning to live. Those hard times aren’t wasted, though: he’s repurposing them into new beats that are helping to define a new wave of rap in south Florida, one that is equal parts angst and a love for life. It will be very interesting to see where Lazy2real takes us.


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