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Know the Difference between Acoustic and Classical Guitar before you buy one

Learn about the distinctions between Acoustic and Classical Nylon String Guitars

By yamahamusicstorePublished 13 days ago 3 min read
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Are you willing to buy a guitar that will be your starter guitar or learning guitar? Are you a budding artist who wants to buy a new guitar? If you are looking for a beginner’s guitar but are confused between an acoustic and a classical guitar. Since both of these are non-electric and serve almost similar purposes there can be a dilemma as both of these look, feel, and function similarly.

Starting to learn to play guitar is a rewarding experience for all be it a school going kid, or a young man who is willing to take up a new hobby, and the initial step to this journey begins with choosing your instrument. You could use any guitar when you're first starting to learn however, most budding musicians will choose either an acoustic or classical guitar. Let us find out the difference between them.

There are two primary reasons for choosing one of these; firstly, it's possible to find affordable models and secondly, both of the types of guitars do not require the extra investment of an amplifier; you can simply pick up the instrument and start playing the strings.

Before making a decision, it's usually a good idea to know all of the facts and the acoustic and classical guitar prices. Learn about the distinctions between Acoustic and Classical Nylon String Guitars to make an informed decision. Remember, an informed decision is more likely to be correct! So here's a brief overview of the distinguishing features of these two instruments:

Classical & acoustic guitars are classified based on the following;

1. Sound & Strings

2. Shape

3. Fret Board

4. Price

When making a decision, you may be influenced by the sound of an instrument. It is a good idea to consider the type of music you enjoy listening to and the type of music you would like to play. If you prefer Spanish guitar, Classical Guitar Music is likely your best option. If you prefer pop or country music, an acoustic guitar would be a better option.

Acoustic and classical guitars produce vastly different sounds. The structure and wood used will influence the tone of the instrument, so try a few different models before making your decision. Doing so will give you an idea of what is available, and you may discover which style of sound appeals to you the most. You may enjoy powerful, rich tones, but you can also favour gentler sounds, so go and try different guitars before you finalize one. These are the basic differences you will find between them;

Guitar Strings

Both types of guitars are acoustic, however, classical guitars feature nylon strings, whilst modern acoustic guitars use steel strings. Both types of strings feel and sound very different. Nylon strings are thicker and produce a mellower tone. The steel strings on the acoustic guitar are significantly brighter and vibrate for longer. With nylon strings, the G, B, and high E strings are merely nylon, while the bass strings have nylon cores with metal coatings. The acoustic guitar strings are sharper on your fingers, but this will improve as your technique improves and you become accustomed to playing.

Guitar Shape

Acoustic and classical guitars are shaped differently. Acoustic guitars are typically manufactured in a dreadnought design, which is larger than that of a classical instrument. Classical guitars rarely have cutaways with the best Nylon Guitar Strings, that allow access to the higher frets and are smaller in size.

The fretboard of the guitar

A classical guitar has a much broader fretboard than an acoustic guitar. Furthermore, fret marks along the fingerboard are rarely found on classical guitars.

Prices for both the guitars

Your budget may play a role in your final guitar selection, which is understandable. Classical guitars are frequently less expensive than acoustic guitars, however there is a wide variety of prices. Your first guitar does not have to be a costly instrument to begin started, but investing in a low-cost model may soon lead to you wanting to upgrade to a better model. On the other hand, you may wish to keep your spending low at first while you determine whether you enjoy playing and which instrument best suits your style. Yamaha Classical Guitar and Acoustic Guitar models are great affordable models perfect for any beginner.


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