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How The Beatles Changed the Music industry.

They changed music forever in so many ways. Here's ten

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How The Beatles Changed the Music industry.
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The Beatles are a huge part of the music industry. In more ways than just one. Every Beatles fan can list so many different reasons. Here's a list of 10 of those reasons.

1. They never repeated themselves.

One of the many reasons The Beatles are one of the greatest bands in the world. This Is because they never repeated themselves musically. According to Gary Wenstrup.

A Beatles historian and music professor at the College of Dupage in Glen Ellyn Illinois

"The Beatles Never repeated themselves. They changed what they did. Album by Album. Each one was different and was never the same. All were very different from one another..." The Beatles enjoyed changing up what they did.

They were willing to change up music styles and overall albums. It helped them creatively and allowed them to branch out and have that musical freedom.

2. They were Considered The First BoyBand

The Beatles are often referred to as the first boyband. They were the first band to become loved by teenagers. They started the British invasion because of the enthusiastic response from fans all over the world and their home country. (Beatlemania.) Many music historians and fans believe that the Beatles helped create the Boyband "genre"

3. They got so popular thanks to mass media

Before The Beatle's time bands and singers were often only broadcasted via radio. This helped allow singers and bands to be heard across the world. Then TV came on the scene near the end of the 50s-early 60s and the music scene got so much stronger.

People were able to see what they were hearing. Many celebrities were kids at the time including Whoopie Goldberg and Paul Mcartney's future band member Brian Ray. You can read about him here

4. They Mixed Pop and Rock together In a New Way.

The Beatles did lots of different things musically in their ten years as a band. They expanded rock and pop music's sound. By using their unique vocal harmonies, their instrumental skills, and their overall knowledge of song recording. Geoff Emerick. The Beatles engineer for Sgt. Pepper and the White Album. Explained in his book. Here, There and Everywhere. My life recording The Beatles.

How John came up with the idea to try to sing underwater for the recording of Yellow submarine. (The way they attempted this was dangerous and almost put Lennon's life in Danger.) The Beatles believed in taking musical risks and attempting things that had never been done.

5. Every single one of their influences was Diverse.

The Beatles had lots of different and varied musical influences. Both throughout their careers as a band and eventually solo artists. Each Beatle had plenty of musical influences that allowed them to pull different aspects of their favorite songs and add those elements to their own songs. The influences were from Rock, Pop, Country, Skiffle, Blues, and later in their careers Indian music. (Thanks to George.)

6. They started The British Invasion

The Beatles were the first British band to go way beyond just England and America. They went on huge world tours and sold out many venues and played the first stadium concert in 1965. They also started what is known as the British invasion. Bands from all over England got their start because they saw The Beatles perform and wanted to be like them. (Bands like The Who and The Rolling stones.)

7. They were witty and very cheeky

The Beatles were often silly in interviews and weren't as serious as other artists of their day. They cracked jokes, poked fun at themselves and interviewers, and just goofed off. They showed that they could be very fun and approachable. When The Beatles first met George Martin their recording producer in 1963.

Martin explained that they could have anything changed if needed for recordings. George Harrison made the remark. Well, I don't like your tie for a start. The rest of the band watched in horror waiting for Martin's reply. George Martin thankfully thought it was funny so he started laughing.

8. None of The band could read sheet music.

Yes, You heard correctly. The biggest band in the world couldn't read any sheet music. They discussed in interviews that they couldn't read sheet music. They knew chords and such but beyond that. None of them could read sheet music. They proved that you don't need to know music theory to be a good musician. They use the few chords they knew to create some of the most interesting songs of that time period.

9. The two Greatest songwriters were in the same band.

The Beatles were a band that happened to have two of the greatest songwriters of all time. That's something that is super rare and not something often seen in bands of their caliber. Normally There aren't more than two songwriters in a band. The Beatles started the trend of allowing almost all band members to contribute to songwriting. While Paul and John were considered the band's leaders and main songwriting pair. (Their ablity to do this was very profound and they were very good at it.)

George Harrison and Ringo Starr also were able to share songs they had written and could contribute to Beatles albums. (Since they all had similar song interests. They could all pull elements from their influences and mix them all together.)

10. Their music was super unique for its time

The Beatle's music from their early records to the powerful release of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967. The Beatles were very unique in their overall music style, lyrics, and the way their music sounded.

The Beatle's manager Brian Epstein once said that kids in the 2000s would be listening to The Beatles. He had no idea how right he would be.

The Beatle's music withstands the test of time. The Beatles and their music continue to inspire and draw new fans every day of the year and people still listen to their music and see Paul Mccartney and Ringo Starr in concert. The Beatles will always be a huge part of music history. They gave so much to the music industry and lots can be learned from them.

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George Martin also wrote about his experiences working with The Beatles you can order it below.

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