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Hamilton: the Musical

by Grace Guzman 12 months ago in art


10 'Immigrants, we get the job done'

Song: Yorktown (the World Turned Upside Down)

This lyric is catchy and short and its pride for immigrants everywhere, not only cause its awesome, but cause its true.

9 'Raise a glass to freedom, something they can never take away, no matter what they tell you'

Song: The Story of Tonight

Lin-Manuel Miranda outdid himself with Hamilton in general, but this line is great because it represents what America was and what it should be standing for now. Though its focus is on America, its an encouragement for those who feel trapped no matter where they're from.

8 'I'm just like my country, I'm young, scrappy and hungry'

Song: My Shot

Ok, so who is going to argue with this one; this lyric from My Shotis probably a mood for everyone, everywhere every single day. No further explanation needed on how this one's a favorite.

7 'Talk less, smile more'

Song: Aaron Burr, Sir

Even if we all know how the companionship of Hamilton and Burr ended, its so satisfying knowing that it all began with Burr's life motto and code to live by, which is also heard in the track, the Election of 1800.

6 'How do you write like you're running out of time'

Song: Non Stop

I chose this one because it relates to me as a writer (haha) and because its basically Alex throughout his life. Writing is what kept him going as heard in Hurricane, Helplessand Right Hand Man, but it is also what got him into the biggest scandal of his time, the Reynolds Pamphlet.

5 'Look into your eyes and the sky's the limit'

Song: Helpless

Possibly the song that all girls sing when they're thinking of the man of their dreams, Helplessis an entire masterpiece, but also a letdown because we know what happens in Act 2. However, this line is saying that there was no limit to the love Eliza felt when she looked into the eyes of Alexander.

4 'When you smile, I fall apart, and I thought I was so smart'

Song: Dear Theodosia

Dear Theodosia is lullaby all fathers should sing to their children; its a real tear-jerker sung for both babies, Philip and Theodosia. This line just sums up beautifully how the love of a father to his child is indescribable and can make even the strong, weak and the smart, inarticulate.

3 'And when you said 'hi' I forgot my dang name, set my heart aflame, every part aflame'

Song: Satisfied

Alright, Angelica sings/raps amazingly in every song, but my personal favorite has got to be Satisfied. And I relate to Angelica on how every time I see that one guy, I really forget who I even am, and every girl out there can probably relate to this embarrassing truth.

2 'You want a revolution, I want a revelation, so listen to my declaration'

Song: the Schuyler Sisters

Another gem sung by Angelica, the Schuyler Sisters is the introduction of who these fine ladies were, and its an anthem for the ladies of our time today. Angelica is standing her ground in this moment, even if she is considered mental or insane and she could care less. She is saying, 'listen up cause I'm speaking and its important' which was very true.

1 'Now for a strong central democracy if not, I'll be Socrates throwing verbal rocks at these mediocrities'

Song: Non Stop

I know I putNon Stop twice, but this is number one because Hamilton is literally in a courtroom saying, "I know you guys think you're all sophisticated, but you're not cause I just showed up". Alex was really a guy who did not settle for average in any moment, which was very worth it since it got him to place in history where we can recognize his genius.

I know for sure you'll be in your cars or in the shower singing about American history in the form of rap, cause there is no better way to get it done.

hope you guys enjoyed this small list, more Hamilton and musical related content coming soon!

Grace Guzman
Grace Guzman
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