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Guns N’ Roses Concert (Review)

Brisbane Australia

By Colleen Millsteed Published about a year ago Updated about a year ago 3 min read
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Brisbane rocked the night away last night, 22 November 2022, to the world class concert put on by the legendary Guns N’ Roses.

What a night!

Isn’t it funny how we expect our musicians, when they hit the live stage, to look exactly as they did thirty years ago, when you first fell in love with them and their music.

Well usually this misconception is put to bed when reality sets in, but I swear Slash has not changed at all — if anything the only change I see is his guitar skills, which have always been phenomenal — were truly brilliant in this performance.

Photo courtesy of the Author

Photo courtesy of the Author

Axl Rose was a ball of energy, no different to his younger years, and his voice, that world famous voice, was right on target. I could have closed my eyes last night and it wouldn’t have been hard to believe I was rocking out thirty years ago.

Photo courtesy of the Author

Photo courtesy of the Author

Richard Fortus is a real show man on the stage. It’s hard to keep your eyes off him as he rocks out every song, never keeping still and it’s obvious how much playing his guitar and music is his passion. He was a constant kaleidoscope of raw power and musical mayhem. An absolute delight to watch.

Photo courtesy of the Author

Photo courtesy of the Author

Bass player, Duff McKagan, played exceptionally well as usual and his joining of his vocals with Axl Rose was sheer magical delight.

Photo courtesy of the Author

Photo courtesy of the Author

The world class drummer, Frank Ferrer, was on fire, never missing a beat and added to the blood pumping atmosphere in the stadium.

Photo courtesy of the Author

Do I need to even compliment Axl Rose? No, he was everything you could imagine him to be when you’ve waited two years for this one night. He didn’t disappoint, still the charismatic front man he has perfected since day one.

The concert was held at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium, a large stadium that usually caters to the popular sporting teams of Queensland football, rugby and the like. It is built to allow for thousands of sports fanatics and last nights concert was a sold out gig. The number of people enjoying the live performance was astounding.

Photo courtesy of the Author

The audience was also extremely well behaved and absolutely deafening in their roars of approval.

In my opinion this was the biggest and best concert performance I have attended since AC/DC last rocked this city.

It was pure magic, heart pumping, electrifying joy. Three solid hours of the best hard rock music in one night.

I loved the fact that the age group of the audience ranged from teenagers to people in their seventies and I’m positive every single member of the audience had a night to forever remember.

Guns N’ Roses you rocked the roof (although there wasn’t one) off that stadium in a classic world class performance.

Thank you from Brisbane for a night to remember — it certainly blew my mind!

As I cannot work out how to embed my videos into this article, I have included a number of YouTube videos for your enjoyment.

I'm pleased that these videos I found on YouTube are of last night's performance. 

Come join us in the live performance of a fantastic band and brilliant musicians.

Welcome To The Jungle

November Rain

Sweet Child O' Mine

You Could Be Mine

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  • Tiffany Gordon 6 months ago

    Fantastic Review! They rock! :)

  • Whoaaa this definitely was a helluva night! So glad you had loads of fun!

  • Cathy holmesabout a year ago

    Great review, and sounds like you had a great time. I agree, Slash looks pretty much the same. For some reason though, Axl looks completely different to me than when I saw them 30 years ago. Videos were great also.

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