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Favorite songs adult playlist (part 5) Country

Some of my favorite artist

By Lawrence Edward HincheePublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Let’s start with Mr. Garth Brooks who had several songs banned from radio because of the content. This was in the 1990’s and I believe this is when the political correctness police started rear its ugly heads. If you are listening to this concert his fans know the words to his songs and do sing along. This one is the thunder rolls.

This is the second Garth song that is an all-time favorite. I am sure we all have friends in low places. He is such a tease over the third verse.

In 1975, a young Tanya Tucker had already had numerous hits, some of them number one. She started touring and singing when she was only thirteen. This song was a favorite of mine. I can’t recall why but I really loved the lyrics and her voice. The song is called Georgia Sun is Blood Red and Going Down.

This is another Tanya Tucker Song that I really loved. It is titled Would you lay with me in a field of stone?

Yes, I am doing another Tanya Tucker song. She sang this song when was thirteen. Here she is on Hee Haw singing her number one country and pop hit Delta Dawn.

I have one more from Tanya. She has so many, but these four seemed to be my favorites of hers. This one is about a man trying to find truth but ends up imprisoned. This one is called What’s your mama’s name?

I can’t include this story without the great George Jones. He was one of all-time greats. A legend. This song he asks the most important question, Who’s gonna fill their shoes?

George was a wonderful and masterful storyteller. It was a sad day when we lost George. He would get so drunk that he would forget where he was supposed to perform, thus earning him the nick name no show Jones. My hometown required that he put up a deposit guaranteeing he would arrive. Here is one of his all-time classics. He stopped loving her today.

This is George Jones singing in a duet with his wife Tammy Wynette. The song is fitting, and they didn’t stay married very long but they stayed friends and still loved one another but not as man and wife. The song is Golden Ring.

Another great singer is Kenny Rogers. I loved his music and oh what a great singer this man was. Kenny Rogers was both a pop star and country star. This song, Twenty years ago takes you down memory lane.

Kenny was a living legend. He sang this song in concert. It was written for him by his dear friend Lionel Richie. He did a wonderful job with the song. Here is Kenny singing Lady.

This is one of my favorite duets, Kenny Rogers and Dottie West. This is one of my favorite songs of theirs. It is titled Every time, two fools collide.

Johnny Cash was another great singer. I happened upon this video. I had always wondered why Johnny only wore black clothes. Well in this official video titled Man in black, Johnny tells you exactly why.

Johnny Cash performed at San Quentin for the inmates. He was very well received. One of those in attendance that night who would go on to become a legendary country singer was Merle Haggard. This is Folsom Prison Blues.

This next artist really needs no introduction. She is referred to as the First Lady of Country Music. Loretta Lynne was no stranger to hard work, hard times and long hours. She was married to Dewey Lynne when she was fourteen. Her first hit single was Coal Miners Daughter. Her sister Crystal Gayle made it big in country music and her first cousin Sissy Spacek, played the part of Loretta in the movie Coal Miners Daughter.

Brooks and Dunn were two single acts that struggled, but when they combined it was magic. This video called I believe is a powerful song. You will notice how the little boy doesn’t see color, just a friend. This is the way it should be. This song was based off of a true story that Ronnie Dunn experienced as a child. Please keep a tissue close by and if you don’t, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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