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Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

Eurovision is not what it was.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a month ago 3 min read
UK Entry: Olly Alexander.

People these days find the old Eurovision of previous decades boring and tame. No doubt, they have a point. Would people like Abba, Bucks Fizz, Sandy Shaw, etc even stand a chance on modern Eurovision? Probably not as it seems the majority acts representing different countries today it's more about what they do rather than the music. Or it's about politics, agenda, etc.

For me, no event should be used to push agendas. You will see agendas being constantly pushed at sports and music events. In football, we had the 'taking the knee' to support 'Black Lives Matter'. I understood this sentiment, that said, players should have been banned from taking the knee. 'Black Lives Matter' is a nasty and racist far-left organisation. It's amazing how one agenda is allowed and others are not like the Poppy Appeal. I return to what I said originally sports events should be for sports fans to watch their sporting teams or individuals. Sports events should not be used for agendas end of.

Music events should not be used as a platform for push agendas. Agendas and people expressing those agendas or beliefs have the right to express them. It's a free country (I think?) and people have the right to believe or do or say what they want (as long as it harms no one) but keep it out of sports and music events.

The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest came from Liverpool, England. Ukraine-Russian War was the agenda last year. Together with the usual LGBTQ flags and propaganda. There were to be fair some pretty good acts along with the awful and pointless artists that seem to get on to represent their country. Two metal acts were involved in the contest which was a refreshing change. Needless to say, they came nowhere. Although going back a few years now a metal band from Finland called Lordy did win. Loreen from Sweden won carrying on the tradition of Swedish acts winning the contest.

Hence this year the 2024 contest came from Malmo, Sweden. The UK this time was represented by Olly Alexander. If you like Olly Alexander and his music that's fine. However, the stage set was him in a shower block cavorting and being suggestive with semi-naked men. Olly Alexander is gay but that's not the issue. Prancing about with perverted men in a filthy shower block (Yes I know it was staged) for me is immoral and not correct for family viewing. Other acts pushed the gay agenda and to be honest I found it vile and offensive. Graham Norton the British presenter (actually Irish as was Terry Wogan) did not help in his pro-LGBTQ sentiments. Norton also tends to be subjective rather than objective on certain acts. Ireland's act performed a Satanic ceremony on the stage while she cavorted around with a bloke dressed as a devil. For me, the best song was Ukraine's song but that is my opinion.

Israel's artist came in for a lot of criticism and protest because of Netanyahu's genocide in Gaza. Being endorsed by the Israeli Prime Minister wouldn't have helped her in the eyes of many either. Whether the young woman representing Israel supports the war on Gaza didn't even come into it. She was representing Israel and that was enough for critics of Israel.

Israel and Australia have been represented in the contest for the last few years now. So what's wrong with that I hear you asking? Well, unless I'm missing something the contest is called 'Eurovision' not 'Worldvision'. Geographically Australia and Israel are not located in Europe so therefore neither nation should be in the contest. Many Israelis and Australians are of European ancestry but based on geographical location Israel and Australia should not be in the contest. To sum up, the Eurovision Song Contest as a family show, is not fit for purpose. The old-fashioned way of doing Eurovision was stuffy and old-fashioned. Equally, however, the way Eurovision is now has gone too far to the other extreme.

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I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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