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English Essay - Music & Art

Importance of Music and Art for Society and the Individual

By Natalie G.Published 5 years ago 3 min read

In the century we are living in, new pieces of art and music are introduced every single day. Older pieces are constantly replaced by new ones. However, several traditional pieces remain significant to us forever, as they defy us as individuals, especially if we were listening to a song at a particular stage in our life, and in the future it reminds us of what we have lived through. In society music and art are equally as important as they defy our past, our traditions and our future.

All these eras including the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s are defined by their music and art. They are acknowledged and identified through their artistic production. In addition, for an individual, music and art is very significant as these forms of creativity give them a sense of rootedness and belonging, because it is a way for them to connect with their own culture as well as with other cultures. Traditions are defined by music and art as they are what makes a society and an individual different and special. Our past is very much reflected by the art and music we create over the years so without it we wouldn't have any roots. Therefore, without tradition each country would not be different and so an individual as a result, will not know his or her place. For example, Shakespeare was the greatest English poet and writer and has been performed in countless villages, cities and metropolises for more than 400 years. Not only is he the best author of his time, he is also the best author of all time! Through his art he has given people a sense of belonging and history.

Music and art reduce feelings of loneliness, depression and isolation since they offer a sense of security to an individual, as they find themselves related to a singer, an artist or a writer that produced a piece of work in which they find meaning in. Most teenagers in society usually find themselves in such a desperate state where they can not seem to talk to anyone and feel misunderstood and lonely. However, when they turn on the radio, open up an art book or even sit to watch a movie, they may find themselves staring at a piece of art, or a poem in which portrays an isolated individual that similarly feels misunderstood. Suddenly, this 16-year-old realizes that he/she is not alone and that an artist, new or old, related to them at some point in their own lives, and this can inspire a soul to produce such mesmerizing artwork as well. Additionally, an individual may hear a song that is made up of a beautiful melody that is accompanied by mesmerizing lyrics in which they may find themselves singing along, and healing through their troubles.

Such influential pieces of work only guide the individual to finding even more peace by embracing their own artistic side. Expressing yourself through rough or soft brush strokes enhances your feelings whether it is anger, or love. An individual may feel vulnerable at first having all their insecurities and weaknesses laid out in front of them, on a canvas or a piece of paper. However, this only makes an individual stronger and may influence other individuals in the future, generation after generations to do the same.

Art and music are very influential in a society. People can identify their culture through a piece of music or a piece of writing. For example, Greece is largely identified by the many sculptures of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, now resting in museums. Greek songs are traditional and very unique, as they are well known for their special instruments, like the mandolin. A very well known Greek called Kavafis, is a great author that writes poems of his deep love for another, enhancing Greece's history through his writing, having a large effect on everyone all over the world. All his poems contain the history of Greece and widely teaches everyone of the past, through metaphors. This leaves every greek astonished and proud knowing that one of their own has had such an influence on the world.


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