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Violent Crime Among Youngsters

Discursive Essay

By Natalie G.Published 5 years ago 3 min read

In today's society it is very common for children under the age of 18 to be violent, as they are deprived of social and emotional learning in which they need from parents and teachers. However, it can also be argued that this violence is not caused by the lack of social and emotional learning, instead the reason being, that teenagers and children are still in a critical state where they are still developing, and this may make them violent despite their upbringing.

Psychologist have noted that the basic reason for the violent behavior is the lack of social and emotional support by parents and teachers. Teenagers and children struggle everyday since they are not capable of seeking emotional support, yet. Teachers and parents should acknowledge the unbalanced behavior evident in the child and this, guide and help the individual in need. Parents, especially, should be able to distinguish if their child is troubled, and if so, should sacrifice work time, for personal time with their child. In addition, there should be a time reserved for discussion, whether it is during lunch or after school, as one to one conversations may lead to a parent figuring out several personal issues a youngster may have, and thus, can provide emotional support to reduce the violent behavior. Research says that 40% of children seek help from their parents and that is a very small number, thus, parents themselves have to try to talk to their children instead of waiting for their child to come to them.

However, it has also been seen that no matter what a parent or teacher does, a child still doesn't change its ways. They may be influenced by society's pressures of being perfect at school, in sports, etc, and thus having different reactions towards it. Children and teenagers, especially those that are going through a tough stage in their lives, may be violent towards others as a result of all the pressure society burdens them with today. Moreover, the reason of such violent behavior may be that teenagers have a lot of expectations to do well at school while a the same time being productive with their lives and being social. The pressure of society to dress in a specific way, while getting straight A's in school, can be overbearing and youngsters can as a result turn violent.

In the 21st century, there is a lot of competition between students, and if teachers come across violent competitiveness, that may lead to crime, they can offer their social and emotional support to withstand this competitiveness that can turn very aggressive. For instance, teachers may teach their students the right was to behave, how to treat your friends and schoolmates and how tot show compassion, sympathy and not be envious of your schoolmate''s success. Instead of being violent towards other schoolmates, they should collaborate and work together. Teachers can show their students how to be emotional and social with others in order to make them more willing to work, instead of being aggressive and causing harm to others.

However, many youngsters may still be violent despite being taught hot to behave. Some may suffer from mental illnesses like depression as it is very common in today's time. Bipolar disorder, for example, may lead to violent crimes that are permanent such as death. Children and teenagers that are going through a rough time may not respond to the social and emotional learning, and instead feel even more isolated if others cannot relate to how they feel. This can lead to them being defensive and violent, to cover their emotional troubles. Moreover, the violence may be caused, not by the lack of emotional and social support but because they develop a mental illness that isolates them from everyone else. Moreover, bullying can be another cause of violent crime and behavior because a lot of children choose to pick on someone that seems weak and unprotected and thus can make that individual violent in an attempt to stand up for himself.

In conclusion, it is a challenge to distinguish whether or not the lack of social and emotional learning is the basic reason of violent crime among youngsters. It is definitely a reason, as children need to be taught how to behave, how to be sympathetic towards others and how to work with others. However, this can sometimes not be effective as children that are troubled tend to isolate themselves, thus leading to aggressive behavior and crime.

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