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Empowering Myself

By Melanie RosePublished 4 years ago 4 min read
Drawing by Melanie Rose

I stare at the stationary spin bike standing in front of me, silently mocking me. I take a deep breath in and slowly exhale before I straddle the seat.

I clip-in to each pedal, attaching myself to this piece of machinery, and brace myself for the mental and physical journey that lies ahead of me.

I turn the volume up on my headphones to full blast and close my eyes in meditation before I hit the play button.

As Track 1 comes alive, I begin to push the pedals forward in an even steady motion to match the music's flow.

I can feel my muscles warm with each stroke, and I become at one with my "Silence."

I clear my mind of all the chaos and concentrate on what I have set out to do.

I try to convince myself that I can be "that one" to overcome my weakness.

I find the rhythm of Track 2 and pump my feet forward in unison.

I listen to the words as they pour into my ears while I struggle to get my mind right for this ride.

Then the chorus rings like an anthem, which pushes me to pedal with purpose.

I feel the release of everything that holds me back and prepare to give all my "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" into this workout.

"And when it hurts I am going to stay right here!"

As Track 3 launches, I can feel the momentum pushing me forward as I rise out of the saddle.

I pick up the pace to match the beat of the music, filling my ears.

I feel myself "letting go" and I become "Confident," in my movement.

I rock back and forth with each stride, and my heart races in intervals as the song fluctuates into each verse, followed by a powerful chorus.

I gather my strength to give a strong push over the music's finish line and enter a short recovery in the saddle before the next track begins.

Track 4 resets my mind to focus on strength "My way" instead of speed.

I increase my resistance and emphasize each stroke of the pedal while the music keeps my attitude inside the rhythm.

I can feel my muscles try to withstand, but "I won't back down, win or lose."

I push through to the end while the lyrics guide me to victory.

I am reminded quickly on Track 5 to "Love Myself."

I propel out of the saddle and get into the groove of the fast-paced anthem.

I become breathless as I exert more energy "putting my body first" driving through until the final note, then collapse back in the saddle, craving my recovery.

The thought of tapping out crosses my mind, but Track 6 nudges me to believe that I am "The Greatest," and giving up is not an option.

The beat's steady pace helps me regain some strength and refocus my mind back on the task at hand.

I prove that " I got stamina" and "Don't give up!"

Track 7 announces my next goal immediately.

I raise the resistance higher cause I know I "got the fire."

The intervals give me the perfect combination of strength and speed that my muscles begin to "Burn" as I strive for the top of the hill.

I reach the peak as Track 8 arises in my ears and gives me a recovery coast.

I keep the resistance in place to let my muscles feel the power like they are "Titanium."

I am encouraged to press further and harder than ever before like "I am bulletproof" and attempt to climb the next hill differently.

My steady stride is matched as Track 9 gives me "Radioactive" energy to make it to a new level, a "new age."

I push the resistance slightly heavier, and I struggle a bit to push the pedals forward.

I let the sound surrounding me launch me to the top of the mountain just in time.

I release the resistance as Track 10 gives me a song to celebrate.

Fear and failure "Can't Hold Us" unless we let it!

"This is the moment, tonight is the night, we'll fight 'til it's over!"

I bask in my achievement as I coast into the next track.

Track 11 begins my march as a "Believer."

I increase my resistance plunging myself even further into uncharted territory.

I am reminded that "glory don't come without pain" as I pump my pedals with power simultaneously with the percussion of the drums until the track fades.

Track 12 gives me a high-intensity finale that proclaims if it does not kill me, it will make me "Stronger."

I rise out of the saddle and dance with the tune as I push "harder, better, and faster" to move across that finish line.

Track 13 lets my body soar like I am on a "Trampoline" as I descend into my final recovery.

My muscles are on fire, and sweat is dripping down my entire body, but I can feel the triumph in what I just accomplished and "I never feel so loved."

I smile from ear to ear and enjoy the final flow resounding around me until the final note plays and my workout is complete!


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Melanie Rose

Writing can free your soul. At least it does for me. I am an artist and a mother first, but writing gives me an outlet to let my brain wander and create stories to expand my artwork in a whole new way! Follow me @melanierosecreates

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    Melanie RoseWritten by Melanie Rose

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