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Arctic Monkeys Concert

By Katerina PetrouPublished 22 days ago 2 min read

I do not attend many concerts - despite my adoration for them. Big or small. However, I have been wanting to watch Arctic Monkeys perform live for probably a decade now. Although the financial aspect of accomplishing this was not shy at all, I feel there are some life experiences worth the expense.

First of all, (I hate to admit this considering I am a Liverpool supporter) the Emirates stadium was lovely. With a view of the stadium from inside the bar, there were plenty of places to eat, drink and comfortably sit. Also, the second I saw a foosball table, I squealed. Anyone who knows me knows that the second I see a game that I can play, the beast is about to be unleashed. (That’s a bit dramatic, all I do is scream verbal abuse at my opponent.)

The seat location, themselves, were surprisingly good. Of course, the band‘s facial features could not be clearly distinguished. Sitting towards the centre of the stadium provided a satisfying view of the stage set-up, the multiple screens and the corresponding strobe lights.

The set list involved music from across their discography. Considering the tour followed the release of their most recent album, The Car, my assumptions predicted that the majority of the songs sung would come from that album. I am not saying it is a bad album, but considering their entire discography, it is one that I favour the least. The band played the songs that they knew would get the biggest reaction - such as ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’ and ‘Fluorescent Adolescence’. Although, they integrated the set list with unexpected treasures such as ‘Teddy Picker’ and ‘Don’t Sit Down Cos I’ve Moved Your Chair’. Opening with ‘Brianstorm’ was certainly an unexpected choice, though a first-class one at that.

Though I know the likelihood of this ever happening is slim to none, I would adore to interview the band. Despite some of the songs they still take on tour with them dating back to an entire decade ago, they do not lose that spark and sense of showmanship. In their song ‘Big Ideas’, I interpreted the lyrics to translate that the band, or just Alex Turner in particular, feels as though they cannot grow and expand when the people following them have been following them since they were teenagers. Alex Turner’s voice has majorly matured in a soulful and rich way - just like wine. So, how does he manage to bring a vibrant energy to a song that just does not resonate with him anymore?

The transitions were my favourite part, I believe. With freshly composed instrumentals and alluring a Capellas. Momentarily, the lead singer of the band, Alex Turner, blessed seventy-thousand people with his raw vocals and the woman beside me turned to face me and said, “I’m finished.” To that, I replied, “Yep, I can die now.”

There was a time during one of the numbers when I found myself staring at the screen, almost in awe. Definitely in complete bliss. It felt as though Alex Turner was singing to me and me only. Everybody else had evaporated. I am aware that most likely every woman (and probably man) felt this way and ignored the fact that this person is completely ignorant of our existence. To attend a concert of that magnitude and still feel as though you are somewhere much smaller, much more intimate, is a special power to have in this world.


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