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Character Review: Marge Simpson

Character Review: Marge Simpson

By Bikram GaihrePublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Character Review: Marge Simpson
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S is a type of personality that often stays in the wrong relationship for a long time, as happened to Homer and Marge. Simpsons is a sitcom where the characters' personalities have not changed from one episode to another, so Marge remains the perfect woman of the family, always trying to improve her home, no matter how frustrating. In each episode, you can see a small part of his wishes that things might be different, but his attitude is to accept and appreciate the life he has.

Marge is the mother of the Simpsons family and spends most of her time doing housework, caring for Maggie, supporting and nurturing Lisa, guiding Bart's discipline, and protecting Bart from Homer. He has moral strength because he gives a strong voice in the middle of family work and tries to keep order in Simpson's house. Unlike Homer, the savage, Marjorie Bouvier Simpson acts as a voice of thought, one who tries to rule in the chaos of his house.

Family and friends described him as a gentle, loving person who loved family. When you look at Marge, he doesn’t look like a complicated person. Although he appears in many photos in the series, Marge is a simple person.

She does not allow her family's tricks to distract her. At the same time, Marge has his moments when he breaks the form. He is a devout member of the church, even though it is difficult for the whole family to attend.

Marjorie "Marge" Bouvier Simpson is a stay-at-home mom and a full-time mother of her three children, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Marge expresses the frustration of the wife and mother of the sitcom who came before him - Lucy, Wilma Flinstone, Carol Brady, Roseanne - but manages to dispel that frustration and more by living in the emotional world of The Simpsons.

The hyper satirical world of The Simpsons does not change its existence, but the characters feel human. With cartoons based on slapstick satire, the personalities of the four main characters are remarkably real. The Simpsons introduced hundreds of characters 25 years ago, but there is no discriminatory model like these four.

The four main characters are all happy and real families and their personalities and interactions reflect the patterns we see in our interactions with friends and family each day. The Simpsons focused on Homer Simpson, the show's ancestor. Dope's father is the main character of the series.

Since its first appearance in 1989, the actor is still as young as The Simpsons. The Simpsons family and their supporting characters, as the show itself, are older in real-time and look very different today.

The Simpsons have been on the air for 32 years, and although the show has changed over time, there is one thing going on: the characters. For the fourth quarter, the show has been a success because of its powerful humor, sarcasm, and iconic characters. At this time, the show is best known for making fun of people and celebrities, including Trump.

Matt Groening became pregnant with Marge and the entire Simpsons family in 1987 at a reception in James L. Brooks's office. Julie Kavner won the Primetime Emmy Award in 1992 for playing Marge in the episode "Marge Married." Marge made his debut on The Simpsons on the Tracey Ullman Show on April 19, 1987, in the short series "Good Night".

Matt Groening described his version of the dysfunctional family naming the Simpsons family after various names of his family and naming Marge after his mother's name. Marge and The Simpsons are still the main characters in The Simpsons, a half-hour series broadcast on Fox.

This episode made Marge very sympathetic and sympathetic; we wanted him to gain something so that he could escape the house he was forced to enter, and he explained how we felt about the hardships he was going through. For the third season, the episode "Homer" explored how focused on the dynamic family, and author David M. Stern believed that the show, with its deterioration of nerves, could penetrate a deep sense of humor.

The matriarch competes with Homer's generosity, Bart's firmness, and Lisa Simpson's bizarre facts, and is regarded as one of The Simpsons "the greatest of humorous creatures. Marge Simpson was the kind of mother and wife who accepted mistakes. Of her family and protected them from the violence of the hateful people who intended her. Compared to the two heartless sisters, Patty and Selma, Marge was a good girl when she first met Homer and drew a prison sentence for burning her bra.

It seemed like a lot of people shared the same silent concerns of Marge Simpson, but this was my first time when people talked about it as a character outside of Marge Simpson’s character. At first, it seemed as if my little worried voice was Marge, though some of the characters around him, such as Lois and Family Guy and Homer, to a lesser degree, did not have my anxious voice.

Marge is said to have been 'crazy' by the police and the media since Homer last appeared on the screen. It suits his character to be the stage manager in charge of the way he would take care of the city: by putting out Homer's fires.

Marge, along with four other members of the Simpson family, was the first actor in a TV series to gain external recognition. In the 64th season of "The Simpsons: The Musical," the show became a piece of antiquity.

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