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Calling Out Ashton Irwin

by Keanna Barry 19 days ago in humanity / celebrities
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Happy birthday to you. It’s time for the gimmicks and all of my ‘from the geckos’ calling out of bullshit to begin! Because July 7th and it’s drummer boy’s 28th birthday and well he deserves something sweet from me but I’m obviously not around and can’t bake him a cake like the max & ruby tv show but anyways… here I’m about to go off:

what’s that? -a push up mid mid middle finger?

Dear Ashton Irwin,

Babycakes the sweetheart of 5sos…

“happy birthday day love get your nose pierced.”- me in 2016 via @cakesprincxss on Twitter. I notice it’s still not pierced and might never be. Hashtag sad face but whatever right!?

I’m dizzy as this is your 9th birthday I’ve known of and have formally only wished them about four. Sorry I’m a crummy fan for not catching or keeping up with it for all the years I’ve been apart of your fandom.

Lately I haven’t been able to make time for writing as my depression has been catching up but here’s my “Calling Out Ashton Irwin” birthday present for ya since obviously I’m not sure if it would even get posted on this day or if I can send it via band text phone because service is cut but hey hey hey.

I love you so much, it’s a surprise how unhealthy and unhappy you’ve kept yourself. You’re still an Angel to me and not to quote Harry Styles but “ouh ouhhh”.

Hope you drink lots of cocktails tonight mixed with cranberry ginger ale with tequila or maybe even a coconut rum with coke. Either or get so sloshed this story will make you pee your pants.

Keep fighting it. Always. Okay. Because um ur doing it to your peaks availability. Kk love you. “Always Fighting It” or “Anger flipping Issues”

I have posted this time and time again on social media but a Facebook comment I posted that was on a post I figure you deleted. So time to expose myself:

‘Okay… but do you love yourself just as much? Because I sure do!!! Or are ya fronting again with all of us? And also, are you still a pretentious emo? A pretentious goth? A pretentious punk? A guy not doing world takeover with his band of weirdos worthy of making it complete?

Anyway much love from ur ex fan that just unblocked you and wants to be a positive fan girl this time! is that okay? Because well if it’s not… then too little too bad for you because I want to bring back my annoying self and brighten up your day and days.

Because I love you so much it’s just I’m hmmm an insecure lady that well is shy, socially uneasy, socially anxious and socially unrealistically there in the means of how to hold down a public situation of being in surroundings with others & also a lady that can’t be bothered to stay sober because I’m tired of feeling this way uh too !!

As you already know that medicine is made and meant for the soul’s safety of bringing in clarity for the consciousness of ourselves to keep on going and function highly as we should without the distractions of mental illness, mental health concerns and stress and I just say that we can all use some fine tweaking in areas of weakness in our ability and capabilities of being who we are and then some tweaking out to enlighten us from darkness that clouds over our potential.

Like, especially your potential; because hmmm… wtf is Superbloom about again? Love songs? From you? Really now? Like it’s amazinggggg but I’m annoyedddd that it’s not world takeover, life changing, and just authentic Ashton Irwin !!

Now, I’m case you feel down or insulted by me please stop and please don’t!! It’s truly wonderful but not worth the public’s attention when there’s a world to save and a singer to apologize to for bringing him more down over my current situation of commenting this in a roughly honest way right now.

Anyway you’re a stellar being and I’m sorry for the continuous “pretentious” comments but I still think you are because you’re masking your problems when your in an emo band that well is highkey emo and well I was highkey emo in high school and couldn’t shut up about my problems… at least to myself and shared it on social media with unintentionally hurting those that read my posts but anyway at least I didn’t suppress my stuff and am kind of well and am very much alive (sad but alive) to keep on influencing the best peoples ever… !!! such as you! and ok… those other clowns in ur band.

“I blame myself” sounds familiar but I mean if that’s what’s coming from ur heart then stop because well how dare you???

Blame yourself for what exactly ???

Ashton, that insecure & guilt & blame & all of tha self hate gotta end they gotta gooooo because well, you’re too much of a sweetie pie to keep on feeling like a nobody or a useless nobody or well anything of whatever that makes you shake your head to yourself or of a situation and interferes with you trying at your more personal perfection with your career aka being in my fave band…

Anyway; hey so, your best, better, and major to massive successes are on theee way!!! because boy oh boy or well better yet… man oh man this era of 5sos shall be one for the books (the bible actually)

#whoops about the bible because I’m doubting you’re still religious because you didn’t sing your Ain’t No Rock at concert and trust me I know you didn’t even though I can ask politely now please Ashton?

Idk a cute emoji to add to make my dreams come tru but like actually I’m on my knees typing (not actually) to have you sing it? It’s perfection like you and kind of deep in my heart I wish ur bands genre was like alt rock or punk emo or like Christian music but with those genres in there to make it relatable and such… anyway if this brings you pressure then from the bottom of my heart. I’m sorry I just want what’s best for you and you guys ok?

sorry. but at least I’m back right? and want to be a life influence all over again? And won’t block again? Because I’m annoying and it’s funny to be petty at least to me sometimes when you deleted your whole Instagram back in 2019 I was idk peeved? Upset? Boutta throw some hands? Anyway hopefully you can post something interesting for my eyes like my ideas I’ve sent via text being fulfilled.’

Some awesome pics of you!!!;


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