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Calling Out 5 Seconds of Summer

With all my heart i want to say: Happy 11 Years (now actually 12 Years as i had not posted this a year ago like I intended) of being a band! before ‘Best Years’ came out but still I’d sing it. (Yo, even though I can’t sing.) Happy. Happy. Happy. To. To. To. The. The. The. Best. Best. Best. Years. Years. Years. Of. Of. Of. My. My. My. Life. Life. Life. aka "Happy To The Best Years Of My Life..." being a 5SOS fan... its been a ride and i am so in love with them still that it actually makes me feel agonized with sorrow that me and this band have grown and aged and that i won't ever get to be a part of their lives just the way my fan girl obsession of them has me in a chokehold type of business.

By Keanna Barry Published 4 months ago 5 min read
The Pretentious Emo Band

They're so perfect standing there playing pop music as their genre as a dare.

5sos in 2023


They even look so old... oh my goodness!!! *cries in crybaby language*

5sos in 2022


My baby's!! Who are not mine or baby's but they still rock with it.

5sos in 2021



5sos in 2020


I don't think i was in the fandom during this phase. All because of my mental illness and such.. i kind of pushed them and the idea of them away.

5sos in 2019


Kings of what though? Kings of my heart? Kings of my soul? Kings of my brain? Kings of my spirit? I DON'T KNOW... I REALLY DO NOT KNOW???

5sos in 2018


They look so pure here... @ my heart? can you handle this?

5sos in 2017


When they still looked like they would release emo music...

5sos in 2016


Not them in the making of ruining their career hey?

5sos in 2015


Okay, but for real.. who are they? I need names because sheesh. Is it natural to fall in love four times in a row?

5sos in 2014


This era was definitely their funniest.... i love y'all.

5sos in 2013


Buddy, i got four times the pleasure by just looking @ them.

5sos in 2012


The beginning of my crush on these cute, sweet, lovely Aussie men.

5sos in 2011


Happiness and blessings to my favourite band/people and their shit career.

My dearest senses of approbation towards the four of you.

I’m sorry. But, I’d still consider, & believe, and be thankful for this band are so great and as my heroes they are really heroic and do the best they can because nobody is perfect and I’m not saying nobody deserves to be perfect but with the flow of this current day functioning society in an every space with so many individuals that don’t care about the sufferings of themselves or their fellow somebody it’s hard to keep going for them and periodically speaking especially myself as I am who I am. The one going through my own life and holding my own struggles in the bright of day.

My four hero’s all in one belong to a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. The band that is mine (as in my wish that came true) the one that has been foretold to me through my dreams and the hero’s I dreamt about being there with them and the hero’s I neglected by being too sad and dumb to care to be a righteous stan in the proper ways and be non silly in their social media mentions and they are the hero’s I let down by not wanting to be saved by them and also to be saved by anyone and back to them because my fears of the world were planted in my heart the moment I stepped in and I’d hate to let you down or really anybody but I already have and I know I’m too late but the letters for you guys go on and on and they may never stop as my love for them has never died but may have been bed ridden.

Once upon a time I asked the world a question. The question went “If one of you guys could have had it in you too attempt suicide which one would it be?” and I received an answer I’m not necessarily surprised about as I still asked the question but mister up front there in the middle of the stage I’m harassed by anger with myself to not have been more upset that the one with blue eyes and a heart warmer than his exotic country has depths in reachable to our human eye so I’m concerned about him in ways that attack me spiritually since I’ve been hallucinating and because as a fan and a fan that has dipped out on being their fan girl for her own personal reasons of being shy, sad, and scared I’m left hurting, lonely, frustrated, more than not okay, and broken because pieces of him fit into pieces of me and I’m troubled by the lovely little things he does for the world by him still being alive for the sake of being an attractive influence in the most wearing of ways that has sides that are flawless, perfect, attentive, strong but also weak and one sided because he would never tell us any of these things.

Pretentious but precious because they are who they are and are only suffering because they don’t know how to do their career as my favourite dream band correct in their attempts in drawing my attention when they already had my heart from the beginning of me finding this genuine wish of mine which is them and always has been since 2013 when I joined their army of fans and by them all being such handsome gothic young men they drew my attraction in for the win for me wanting to love them out of their emo sicknesses which is suicidal tendencies or really anything of the sort that carries angels into darkness that isn’t pitch black but rather much is deeper into a comparison of where it begins and where it ends and all of the scars and scatters in between.


Five (5) snakes on stage?… but there is only four of them… who’s the missing snake? Oh… yeah… probably me. *face palm* their missing Winnipeg fan from 2015.

2015… and now it’s 2023* and I’m still not there. But can I just be honest and say it’s because I’m shy. With much worse other attributes or concerns that do not help me because i am a lover of the world and a hater of other people?

Something I texted to the main mans who’s sweet enough to have let us get a fan texting number that would probably slap me silly if he seen my past contact names for him which I’ll share the current one here because he’ll never see it:

The CALM boys ya hi?…aka 5sos the band that is full of ‘Saviours on Stage’ or wouldn't "Savages on Stage" be even better? because we’re all super cool like that !!!! especially me babycakes kiwi writing this as my love for five seconds of summer is an approbation of course and since it has been about 9.5 years since I’ve been their fangirl I decided to be annoying again regardless of my life’s deception cause baby’s I’m backkkk… heha. I just love em so much.

I have no clue on what to say right now... besides i love the four of you so much and because i am so crazy about y'all i want to just say thank you for being 5 Seconds of Summer. All four of you make it ideal to keep loving this band. So yea, take care and i am excited to see what will become of you guys next now too ok? byeeee.


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