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Boy George and culture club, as great and fabulous as they ever ever wore, and ever are, and ever will be forever and ever always!

Concert review

By Rikki la rougePublished 5 months ago 3 min read

I saw a Boy George and culture club in 2022, my awesome cousin took me to see them at some hotel resort in Pennsylvania somewhere. Boy, George and culture club did not disappoint at all, they did their hits a lot of them and also because there’s artists in the music industry they also treated us their fans to some new stuff too, which is always enjoyable and exciting at the same time. Unfortunately, on this gig, while this show rather original drummer John Moss was not there now he is not out of the group bios any stretch of the imagination no it is there was a substitute for him at that night. He still a member of culture club.

Even if the show would’ve suck which it did not Boy George and culture clubs see to it that the show is always awesome. It was great just to spend time with my cousin on that two day trip to see them in concert. Boy George did a couple hits from his solo career because actually, he did have some hits of a solo artist that are joined in to be like they were culture clubs as well.

They did all the hits, Boy George and culture club. Did they did “karma chameleon,”” do you really want to hurt me,” I can’t remember if they did crying game, “I’ll tumble for you,”” church of the poison mind, “ quite frankly, they did all of their hits and it was fabulous. They had a couple of them guest musicians join them on stage a lot of new musicians, but quite frankly for the new musicians that were joining them that has to be an absolute treat to be on stage with legends, such as Boy George culture club.

Other than the absence of John Moss, all the original members of Boy George and culture club were there, Boy George on vocals of course, Mikey Craig, on bas and and Roy on guitar and other instruments in the band. It was awesome how when you went to get yourself an adult alcoholic beverage they were named after a few of their meaning culture clubs hit songs, and that was cool. My cousin ever the miracle worker she got us box seats and so it’s like we enjoyed the concert from the comfort of one of those loves luxury boxes that was the first time. For this concert, there were no opening acts. It was just superstars at their finest meaning boy George and culture club, doing what they do, and that is making kick ass music for all to listen to.

It was a great concert, and also truly unforgettable I mean it must be I mean I’m writing an article about it this day, because the memory is fresh in my mind as though it happened yesterday. Boy George was stylish as ever being the fashion icon that he is, and has always been. Of course I had to get a boy George and culture club shirt and so my cousin bought me one. Looking around the place that night. Many fans were dressed as Boy George and it was great to see how all these people dressed up like him. Some dressed as Boy George from the 80s others dressed as Boy George from the 90s and so on no matter what time it was everybody that dressed like boy George did a fantastic job. The venue in which the show was was an out-of-the-way treasure and somehow they were able to score the boy Georgian culture club show that night one night in 2022.

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