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From the iconic to the genius

As the 2010s are coming to a close and we ready to welcome in the 2020s it's time to take a look back at some of the greatest music video's from 2010 until now. We're talking iconic, we're talking weird, we're talking genius.

Directed by Charli XCX herself and featuring celebrities such as Joe Jonas, Charlie Puth and Brendon Urie, "Boys" is a music video that turns the male gaze on its head. If you wanna watch hot guys do weird ass things that are usually reserved for women, then this music video will please you to no end. Boys is a clever and fun way to show men what it's like when they put women in this position, and the male celebrities partaking in this video are good sports. Basically if you want to see Joe Jonas with a milk moustache then you should watch this music video.

Featuring the incredible Tessa Thompson, "Make Me Feel" is an exploration and celebration of bisexuality. Both Thompson and Monae identify as bisexual and so this video is personal to them. With a funk vibe and a Prince influence "Make Me Feel" is the bisexual representation that many of us have cried out for. Check out Monoe's sick dance moves and what can only be described as big dick energy. Monae's outfits, the lighting and the music itself gives of a 70s funk vibe and truly this video is one big innuendo.

As someone who isn't a huge fan of Taylor Swift and fully admits that this song is garbage this could be read as a weird pick. However the music video for "Look What You Made Me Do" can only be described as stunning. The visuals this music video delivers are nothing short of incredible, and I can appreciate the message that Swift was trying to deliver. The use of snakes, the opening shot of her rising from the dead I am also appreciative of the comedy bit at the end of the video, in which Swift makes fun of herself using the comments that she's heard about herself over the years.

Done for me isn't a hugely popular music video making it rather underrated in my opinion. The video looks like it takes place in a 70s motel, telling the story of a girl who is playing both Puth and Kehlani. However it's the transitions between the scenes that makes this video so great to me. The movement between the scenes is so seamless and effortless that it's very visually pleasing.

"Thank U, Next" could very easily have found itself on this list, however for me "God Is A Woman" needs to be on here just for the biblical visuals that it depicts. Using stories from the bible and flipping them to involve images of Grande "God Is A Woman" will have you screaming 'fuck yes' every two seconds. Her interruption of the song to break the glass ceiling. However I will stipulate that the screaming rodent section is a bit weird, and a bit off-putting.

An ode to her Little Monsters and what became the song for pride, "Born This Way" isn't just a celebration of the weird and queer but also Lady Gaga fully embracing who she is. Whilst he has tamed herself a little more recently, "Born This Way" was the height of Lady Gaga's weirdness and sometimes there is nothing better than putting that on display. Her costumes are bold, her dance moves unapologetic and the imagery of the birth of her celebrity personality is truly stunning. It's a story of good versus evil that Lady Gaga loves to explore.

You can't have a list that concerns music without including the Queen herself. Beyonce hit us with a full visual album and the highlight of that album had to be "Formation." This music video, and actually the entire album, concerns itself with Beyonce's identity as a black woman and the issues that black women face in America. As always Beyonce's dance moves are on point and this music video marks her move into a more R&B sound. Whilst "Sorry" and Hold Up" could have also made this list, the clean shots and the message behind "Formation" had to edge it for me.

"Girls Like Girls" is basically a short film with the song serving as a soundtrack. The story of two best friends who fall in love with each other, "Girl Like Girls" is a beautiful music video and is directed by Hayley Kiyoko herself. Kiyoko manages to encompass young love in such a realistic way that this music video has become sacred in the LGBTQ+ community along with the song and Kiyoko (also known as lesbian Jesus).

Just a superbly clever music video that basically looks like it's one shot. Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) is often better known for his acting on the American sitcom Community. However his release of "This Is America" was well-received and the music video was praised for it's honest portrayal of what it's like to live in America now. Tackling issues such as gun control and police brutality, Childish Gambino dances his way around these issue to represent how people in America deal with these issues. A must watch.

"The Devil's Key Trilogy" consists of "Say Amen (Saturday Night)", "This Is Gospel"and "The Emperor's New Clothes," and they were not released in order. They tell the story of a man (played by Brendon Urie) who steals the Devil's key and actually ends up turning into the Devil. The fact that these video's have been so many years in the making and the production value in each of them makes them number one on this list. The correct order is the order given above however "This Is Gospel" was released in 2014, "Emperor's New Clothes" in 2015 and "Say Amen (Saturday Night)" was released in 2018. When watching these video's back to back it's insane how they kept continuity. A shout-out to Brendon Urie's acting skills also.

Grace Lynch
Grace Lynch
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