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Another Rockin45 Summer Of Fun

America's Favorite Party Band Is Still Rocking Hard

By Matt NappoPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Maybe Tonight Everyone Will Have A Good Time
Now in their seventeenth year, theRockin45s, aka America's Favorite Party Band are showing no signs of slowing down. Their 4 hour marathon sets continue to keep audiences dancing and singing and in Summer the band always kicks up a notch.

Known for their high energy, almost punk rock renditions of classic pop covers, the band also has created a huge buzz for their original music. The novelty hit Love Song recently passed 5 million downloads and with a new full length CD due to drop in September they are performing with a renewed sense of purpose.

Part of what makes theRockin45s different from so many other bands is their penchant for making the audience the focal point of the show. People who attend the shows often become the star of the show and almost everyone in the audience interacts with the band in some way.

The Party Is Just Getting Started

theRockin45s Performing Live

"Somehow we always manage to get everyone into the spotlight. Our shows can make the most shy introvert lose their inhibitions and release their inner rock star", says Michael Shane. Shane is the dynamic front man and driving force behind the audience participation. He has a unique gift for making everyone feel like this is their night.

The 45's are truly an all ages enterprise, with fans from 2 to 92. Singer Janet Spallone Soluri says "we especially love that the little ones come up on stage and share the spotlight. We're the band with a heart."

Daring To Be Different

Live From The Beach Huts

Being independent and publishing and distributing their own music provide the freedom to cross genre lines and defy the rules of the music business. At home playing pop, country, rock, grunge, jazz, folk, disco, techno and punk, the band remains unaffected by the business of selling music.

The band has resisted steaming services such as Pandora and Spotify and traditional online outlets like Apples iTunes due to issues with the way artists are compensated. Releasing singles through their own web portal exclusively for the last ten years since 2007's Telepathtic CD, the band controls all the sales and revenue.

Playing 70 shows between Memorial Day and Labor Day every year and keeping up a pace year round, the band's emphasis has always been more on performing than recording.

The years spent playing the Nautical Mile provided the band with much of the material for their original music. Many of the lyrics spring directly from experiences of gigs, with songs like Summertime & Saturday Nights, The Girl Just Wants To Dance, Woodcleft Avenue, Maybe Tonight and many others referencing some of the band's personal journey. Over the years there have been a few personnel changes with Janet joining in 2014 and Nick Galati, another friend from high school days, joining the band in late 2015.

2017 marked the end of an era with the band playing their final Nautical Mile show due to the politics of the area and the practice of fining bands and venues for violating a decibel ordinance. Although the band owes much to the Mile it decided it was time to put that part of their story to bed and focus on playing bigger venues.

Visit their website at to sign up for free mp3 downloads in advance of their upcoming CD release.

The band evolved from a rock-a-billy band called The Houndogs, founded in 2000, by a group of middle aged guys who were high school chums. Current front man Mike Shane and guitarist Matt Nappo, were the founding members, although Matt was the band’s drummer at the start. Bassist Bill Capozzi joined in the Summer of 2002, when the band started gigging regularly under the name CA3, (The Carlos Allende’ Trio)

In June of 2003, the band played its first gig on the Freeport Nautical Mile at a venue called Water Lilly’s. That night the band never took a break and ended up playing 5 1/2 hours. The energy that came from the non-stop set resulted in the club owners asking for an exclusive long-term commitment from the band. From that night on the band played the Nautical Mile and average of 2-3 times every week and built a loyal fan base in the area

Drummer Mike Barone joined the band in late July of 2004, appearing as a substitute for Bullet Bob. Barone added a solid back beat to the band and an intense energy and immediately became the permanent steady drummer with the band.

The band has gone through a lot of growing pains and changes over the years and has matured and refined their show to become one of the most unique acts in entertainment in the world.

Drummer Mike Barone and Bassist Bill Capozzi spoke of the 45’s records they had as a kid and the selection of songs the band played. Some of the tunes such as “I Saw Her Standing There”, by the Beatles I still have up in the closet in my blue carrying case as part of my 45 collection. In the green carrying case I have the original 45 “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones. With this conversation the name “theRockin45’s” stuck.


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