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The Deadliest Tweet

Trump's impulsive nature and inability to control himself have created a huge problem for America that nobody is talking about.

By Matt NappoPublished 6 years ago 2 min read
One Tweet That Puts The Entire World In Danger

Forget about "the Russian thing" for just a moment. Although the subject matter here is derived from the cloud that revolves around the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, there is now even bigger cause of concern due to the President's reaction to circumstances he alone is responsible for.

I'm talking about the firing of former FBI director James Comey and the tweet that followed it that referenced possible recordings of Trump and Comey's interactions. Putting aside that Trump seems incapable of learning from history and may not fully understand what happened in 1973 and '74, this single tweet has created more potential problems for America and possibly the entire world than anything the irresponsible and immature Trump has done before.

The video below explains the situation the tweet has created.

Here's the thing, "the Russian thing" led directly to "the tape thing". Of course, the tape thing is Trump's suggestion in a moment of impulse to suggest he taped his conversations with Comey. The tape thing leaves 3 possibilities:

  1. The tapes do exist and they back up Trump's side of the story.
  2. The tapes do exist and they back up Comey's side of the story.
  3. The tapes don't exist and Trump was bluffing to try to influence Comey to not talk about their conversations.

Of the three possibilities, the third is by far the most problematic for America and likely the planet, and here's why. Trump has a long history of bluffing, threatening lawsuits to bully silence and generally blowing smoke and bluster to get his way. However, now the whole world–including America's enemies–are watching and listening. North Korea would certainly be emboldened with the knowledge that Trump is a bluffer. Imagine Trump telling North Korea that launching more nuclear tests would be met with overwhelming military force. Easy to imagine, right. Now imagine the North Korean reaction with the evidence that Trump is a bluffer firmly implanted in their minds.

Virtually all of the enemies of America will be eager to test the veracity of Trump's bluster and given that he's full of bluster and overstatement, things could escalate pretty quickly into action that will make 9-11 seem like a picnic. This may seem highly speculative, but given the history of both Trump and Kim, it's easy to speculate lack of control and the lack of self-control that responsible leadership requires.

The other two possible outcomes mentioned would have a political impact, but nowhere near the potential for starting war. More importantly, the chances that Trump is bluffing and that tapes do not exist are by far the most likely of the three possibilities.

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