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11 Songs for Your Memorial Day Weekend: Country Edition

Enjoy the long weekend with some of our favorite songs!

By Jennifer BarnesPublished 28 days ago 4 min read
11 Songs for Your Memorial Day Weekend: Country Edition
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With summer just around the corner and Memorial Day weekend upon us, we’ve created a playlist to accompany your plans for the weekend. Whether it’s a relaxing day at home, a day out on the boat, pool day, or even a road trip with loved ones, we’ve curated the perfect playlist for your holiday weekend. even a staycation at home. With the likes of Taylor Swift, Zach Bryan, Lainey Wilson, Jelly Roll and so many more, we’ve curated the perfect balance of coastal jams and summer hits, both old and new, to fit any of your plans. Let us know what you’ll be listening to all weekend long!

Taylor Swift - “But Daddy I Love Him”

Featured on her new album The Tortured Poets Department, “But Daddy I Love Him” encapsulates the internal struggle of loving someone despite societal disapproval or familial objections. Swift's storytelling prowess shines through as she captures the essence of youthful rebellion and the powerful, often tumultuous, emotions that accompany it, with a slight twist at the end.

Zach Bryan - “Pink Skies”

Zach Bryan's latest release, "Pink Skies," is a reflective and heartfelt tribute to the fleeting nature of youth and the importance of the little things in life. Interwoven with this nostalgic narrative is a poignant homage to those who have passed away, with Bryan vowing to carry their memories forward. "Pink Skies" becomes a tapestry of past and present, blending the bittersweet acknowledgment of loss with a heartfelt encouragement to live fully and remember fondly.

Skip Ewing - “Road Dog (Radio Mix)"

Skip Ewing's song "Road Dog (Radio Mix)" is a touching ode to the deep bond between a man and his loyal canine companion. Through heartfelt lyrics and a soulful melody, Ewing paints a vivid picture of life on the road with his faithful dog by his side. Ewing's tribute to man's best friend is a reminder of the simple yet profound connection that can exist between humans and their furry companions.

Becca Bowen - “Heartbreaking Business”

Becca Bowen's latest release "Heartbreaking Business," is an infectious country rock anthem that combines a toe-tapping beat with lyrical depth. The song flips the script on the typical heartbreak narrative by telling the story of a player who finally gets a taste of their own medicine. With its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus, "Heartbreaking Business" captures the listener's attention and refuses to let go.

Lainey Wilson - “Watermelon Moonshine”

"Watermelon Moonshine" is a beautifully reflective melody that encapsulates the innocence and intensity of young love. With a nostalgic tone, Lainey takes listeners back to a simpler time, painting vivid images of sweet summer nights and heartfelt moments. Wilson's soulful voice brings depth and authenticity to this tender tale, making "Watermelon Moonshine" not just a song, but a heartfelt recollection of love's early, uncomplicated days.

Donice Morace - “Goin’ Goin’”

Set to a lively rhythm and catchy melody, “Goin’ Goin’” juxtaposes its cheerful exterior with the profound sorrow of its lyrics. Through Morace's emotive vocals and heartfelt storytelling, "Goin' Goin'" captures the raw anguish and confusion that accompany the process of letting go. Despite the upbeat tempo, the song doesn't shy away from the depths of pain and longing, offering a cathartic outlet for listeners to process their own experiences of loss.

Morgan Wallen & Post Malone - “I Had Some Help”

Morgan Wallen and Post Malone's recent collaboration, "I Had Some Help," delves into the aftermath of a breakup, expressing a shared sentiment of longing for accountability from their former partners. Wallen and Malone's distinct vocal styles complement each other as they lament the lack of accountability from their exes, although they both certainly don’t skirt around responsibility.

Chance McKinney - “What I Got”

Chance McKinney’s latest track, "What I Got," serves as a reminder to prioritize the things that truly matter in life, whether it's a tender embrace, a shared laugh, or a quiet moment together. Through its infectious optimism and genuine sentiment, the song inspires listeners to find fulfillment in love's simplest gestures and to cherish the beauty of life's small wonders.

Jordana Bryant - “Fire Works”

"Fire Works" is a delightful tribute to the whirlwind of young love and the sparks that ignite in the early stages of a new relationship. With clever wordplay and a catchy hook, Bryant captures the essence of infatuation and the excitement of discovering new emotions.

Jelly Roll - “Need A Favor”

Jelly Roll's fan-favorite "Need a Favor" is a gritty and emotionally charged track that delves into themes of struggle, redemption, and the complexities of human relationships. With his signature raspy delivery and raw honesty, Jelly Roll lays bare his vulnerabilities as he navigates the challenges of life.

Amy Jack - “Wake Up Happy”

Amy Jack's song "Wake Up Happy" is a refreshing new song that encapsulates the essence of starting each day with a positive mindset and a renewed sense of purpose. Through its spirited rhythm and empowering message, the song inspires us to approach each day with enthusiasm and to find happiness in the present moment.


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