Timothy Trimble

Timothy is a published author of Science Fiction & Fantasy stories.

His latest novel, "Air Born" can be found at book stores & online, and his short stories will continue to appear here.

He can be followed at TimothyTrimble.com.

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Juggling Writing
a year ago
How to Juggle Your Writing With a Real Life!
Meghan's Crayons
a year ago
Meghan’s Crayons  I’ve had the privilege, over the years, to have met some incredibly talented people who are autistic. Not only do they exhibit areas of incredible talent, but I always appreciate th...
Jezi's Dilemma
2 years ago
“What do you mean I’m not on Alcore? I spent twelve hundred creds to get to Alcore and now you’re telling me I’m on some planet called Tristola?” Jezi tried to be loud enough to make a small scene, bu...
Squirrels With Guns
2 years ago
I threw this together during my lunch break one day. A short read with a little light humor, but could turn into a major disaster. Enjoy. The man reached into the trunk of his car, grabbing the last b...
The Wings of Leonardo
2 years ago
Francesco stood on the very edge of the cliff, his arms spread wide, and his eyes open as wide as the distant sun above the horizon. The winds from the ocean washed over him with a constant intensity....
2 years ago
The forest was especially active today. Wyce could feel the flow of the life forces through the trees, ferns, and animal life. If he closed his eyes and focused he could pinpoint insects within a shor...