Kimberly M. Lincoln, Ph.D.

Dr. Lincoln is a chemist, inventor, natural product advocate, and founder of GLAUX CHEM®. 

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5 Ways to Hemp Your Life (and Why)
9 days ago
Hemp is inarguably one of the most versatile and useful plants on the planet. In fact, it was so important to our economy that farmers in the colonial days were once required to grow hemp for use of t...
Biochemical Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Molecules
a year ago
The Endocrine Society first reported in 2009 that Endocrine Disruptors (EDs) pose a serious threat to public health. A survey conducted by the Environmental Working Group in 2004 found that the averag...
a year ago
My experience in graduate school was quite eye-opening, and the knowledge I learned about chemicals led me to make significant lifestyle changes for the better. Within my second year of grad school, I...
The Chemistry of Hemp Seed Oil
a year ago
Hemp oil has a very unique look to it, especially if it's unrefined. It’s a bright greenish yellow liquid that visibly stands out compared to other oils on the market. That bright glow should be a sub...