David Doucette

David is a Graphic Designer, Homebrewer, and Outdoor Enthusiast. He has 2 published books on beer making and mead making.

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Start Making Your Own Beer Today
2 months ago
Brewing your own beer may seem complicated from the outside looking in. It can even seem confusing as a newcomer to the hobby. However, after a brief learning period, you'll be making incredible beer ...
Understanding the War Between Big Beer and Craft Beer
2 months ago
A war is brewing. Or, it was brewed a while ago, and now the glass is pouring over. It's all out war between craft beer and big beer. Let's take a look at what made this conflict. Craft beer lovers ha...
Looking for Fall Mushrooms in New Hampshire
2 months ago
Mushrooms are a truly magnificent thing to behold. According to mycologists (people who study mushrooms), there are over 10,000 known species of mushrooms, and there are even more which are undiscovered. Identifying mushrooms is a challenging and rewarding hobby, even if you don't set out to consume any of your findings. Learning about different structures and features can seem overwhelming, but once you can start to put the pieces together, simply identifying different species feels extremely g...