Crystal Melville

Hi, I'm Crystal Melville! I'm a Chaplain, Certified  Relationship Coach,  Poet, and Writer.  Get to know me better here: You may follow me on social media @cemelville on Twitter, and @bishopmelville on Instagram!

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Wandering One
4 months ago
Sleep abated a lost cause the mind dilated, devouring the soul watching on in unbelief. Wrestless heart makes a mischievous worker only to see opportunities grow scarcer. The mind unsettled matters, e...
Surviving Me
4 months ago
Some parents are all-in, some disappear, most simply can't escape their sin. The system raised me, made me insecure, I never felt pure, most of all never sure. Young adulthood came with a roar, the st...
Because You Care
5 months ago
Because you care, you stop to listen. You open your heart and mind to the least of those, and even at times to the greatest of them all, because you care. Because you care, life seems complicated, tra...