Surviving Me


Surviving Me

Some parents are all-in, some disappear,

most simply can't escape their sin.

The system raised me, made me insecure,

I never felt pure, most of all never sure.

Young adulthood came with a roar, the stench

of bloody days, coupled with inconsistent ways;

I was just too tired, to find the strength to soar.

Marriage came early, a nice thought it seemed,

but I was merely a baby never weaned.

Divorce hit hard. Too many deeds to mention;

no wonder my life was in such dissension.

Death tried to poke its ugly head prematurely,

after a turbulent disconnect; I had learned to be

thankful for the religious sect.

Back to the drawing board, I went, to grad school,

to work; at times some thought I was hell-bent.

But, I never gave up, for poverty, lack,

and low self-esteem never filled my cup.

All in all, it's because I learned to forgive, seek wisdom,

and understanding, that I then decided to live,

and proudly be on the path to surviving me.


Crystal E. Melville is a certified relationship assessment facilitator, life coach, who enjoys writing and sharing her life stories through poetry, and transformational teachings. She also offers support for those who have gone through a divorce or experienced a tragic injury or loss. You may get to know her more by visiting her website at Get social, follow her on Instagram and Twitter!

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Crystal Melville

Hi, I'm Crystal Melville! I'm a Chaplain, Certified  Relationship Coach,  Poet, and Writer.  Get to know me better here: You may follow me on social media @cemelville on Twitter, and @bishopmelville on Instagram!

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