Charles Quinn

Full time student. 

Part time photographer, filmmaker, artist, and writer.

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Venice at a Glance
5 days ago
Ahhh, Venice. Beauty, culture, romance, on paper it has it all and can truly be paradise for some of the locals. However, the amount of tourists greatly outweighs the amount of locals, and it shows. T...
Germany at a Glance
11 days ago
Most people have a dream of traveling across Europe and seeing the differences in culture. After spending some time in Germany I wanted to give a perspective into some of the cultural differences betw...
Top 10 Badass Film Protagonists
a month ago
Movies across the ages have some of the most colorful and creative characters mankind has ever seen. Some are superheros, some are villains, and some are macho underdogs that always seem to survive no...
The Dilemma of the Generation of Poor College Students
4 months ago
Completing a four-year (at least) Bachelor's degree seems like the new minimum for nearly any career nowadays. In prior generations, the necessary education barely exceeding that of a high school dipl...
5 Great Ways to Make Money with Your Camera
4 months ago
*Before you begin with any of the ideas below make sure to remember each requires practice practice and more practice. You can do all of these alone but a good team is always helpful to reach your ful...
Fortnite: 6 Reasons Why It Is Still so Popular
7 months ago
There are many reasons why the new blockbuster hit game “Fortnite” has been so successful as of late. With the 1st birthday of Fortnite being celebrated in game right now soon after the release of the...