Caitlin McDonald

Award-winning scholar & writer on digital communities, data science, and dance. Tweets @cmcd_phd. Holds PhD in suitably unexpected & obscure subject. Very tall. Frequently a bit silly.

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Swimming Against the Tide
3 months ago
I’ve lived in the UK since 2006 when I first came over for graduate school. Every year the immigration rules became more stringent, sometimes in surprising ways. For example, when I realised that the ...
The Decision Maker's Handbook to Data Science: Book Review
3 months ago
For the uninitiated, data scientists can seem like mystic oracles bringing esoteric wisdom from the slopes of Mount Parnassus. Unfortunately this opacity is leading to increasing skepticism of the fie...
A Tale of Two Conferences
a year ago
I went to two technical conferences recently which couldn’t have been more different in their approach to diversity and the quality of the material presented. Top Tips for Conference Organisers: Don’t...
Balance in the Team
a year ago
“I think it’s good to hire for a balance in the team rather than individual skills. I like to have a balance of men and women in the team because I think women are naturally better at some of those sk...
Walking Through History
2 years ago
Unexpectedly, I found myself walking through literary London, right past the blue plaque commemorating the Bloomsbury Group. On a foggy day, it’s like being back in the early 20th century; you can pra...
After the Crash
2 years ago
“We just heard that a car has mounted the pavement and collided with several pedestrians near the Natural History Museum. You may wish to text your loved ones and let them know you’re okay.” As the co...