Brooke Clarke

I am from North Carolina. I grew up on a farm with lots of animals. I enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting. I am married to a US Soldier and we have 2 dogs. I love to write and do photography as well.

Leaving the Nest
7 days ago
I love the question, "How are you surviving without your mom?" Or this one, "I would never survive without my mom, she does everything for me." I love the questions and statements solely because I hav...
Spice for the Right Price
7 days ago
How many times have you looked at a recipe online or even in a cookbook and thought, "I would really like to make this but I don't want to spend a lot on ingredients, I wonder how much they are?" This...
Military Wife Life
11 days ago
The morning of my husband's deployment wasn't like any other morning. The house was filled with sadness as we prepared for that night where we would say see you later and give our last kiss for nine m...